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Mantenna - Thursday, October 15

by spike.com   October 15, 2009 at 9:00PM  |  Views: 66

Megan McCain experiences some Twitter outrage, Avril Lavigne files for divorce in Los Angeles, and the Poltergeist remake might be here sooner than we think...the Mantenna is to be sold, not to be told!

Source:AFP/Getty Images

Megan McCain’s Twitter Outrage

Last night Megan McCain, the daughter of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, posted a busty picture of herself holding a Andy Warhol book on Twitter. The photo was captioned “my 'spontaneous' night in...” Well, the photo caused outrage with McCain receiving a barrage of insults. She later responded on Twitter, saying, “so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing but apparently anything other than a pantsuit I am a slut, this is." McCain has since said she’s learned her lesson and will be more careful what she Tweets about. [CBS News]

Tina Fey Talks Losing Her Virginity

Tina Fey appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night and was quizzed by Letterman for appearing on a list of celebrities who had lost their virginity in their twenties, joining the like of Adriana Lima, Chris Martin, and Brooke Shields. Fey responded, "See, all the other people, that was a choice on their part. That one lady's a Victoria's Secret model. She made a choice…[I] couldn't give it away." Tina finally got rid of her v-card at age 24. [E! Online]

Poltergeist Remake Still in the Works

Despite the fact that MGM has been in bad need of its own stimulus package, it's looking like the studio is managing to stay above water for awhile longer. Of the remakes MGM has in the works -- Robocop, Red Dawn, and Poltergeist -- Poltergeist is still going strong. The director of House of Sand and Fog, Vadim Perelman, is set to direct the film. As of right now the film is going to go into production in the first quarter of 2010, which means, unlike Robocop, we're not going to have to wait for eons as directors, writers, and dates change over and over. Get your TV sets ready, the evil inside is about to escape. [Get The Big Picture]

The Mechanic is Coming Back

Sometimes it seems like the only news in Hollywood is about remakes, but that's just how the tinseltown cookie crumbles. The 1972 film The Mechanic is going get the ol' silver screen make-over, and this time Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma) and Donald Sutherland (Mash, Ordinary People) are going to star. This has all the makings of an awesome action/thriller, until you take into consideration the fact that Simon West is helming the picture. In case you've (repressed) forgotten who he is, he's the director who made Con Air and Tomb Raider. In the event you're no longer excited about this remake, you are, at least, in good company. [Variety]

Avril Lavigne Files For Divorce In L.A.


Source: Pascal Le Segretai/Getty Images

Court records are showing that Avril Lavigne filed for divorce today from her Sum 41 husband Deryck Whibley after only three years of marriage. The couple were married in July 2006 and have no children together. Lavigne cited "irreconcilable differences." Lavigne is asking a ruling to block Whibley from receiving spousal support. Court records also show Whibley was granted a request to add Lavigne's last name to his name in December 2007. Why do people have to go and make things so complicated? [AP]

Guy Finds Missile Launcher in His Yard, Government Doesn't Really Care

A resident of Comal County, Texas named Jarrette Schule found a military issue missile launcher in his backyard. Figuring that the government would surely be looking for it, he made some calls. Amazingly enough, no one seemed to care. Schule spent Tuesday afternoon calling the FBI, Homeland Security, the Sheriff's Department - every agency he could think of. He was stuck in a bureaucratic limbo. "Everyone was handing it off to everybody else," Schule said. He was surprised at the amount of work it took to get the military to pick up its lost missile launcher. Schule called the military police at Fort Sam. But their jurisdiction doesn't extend off the post. Schule's information was passed along to an Army criminal investigator, who visited Schule on Wednesday morning - about 19 hours after he started making phone calls. Our tax dollars at work! [Neatorama]

Trucker Fined for Smoking in His Truck

Canadian truckers are furious at news of a lone driver being fined $305 by police for smoking in the cab of a truck he owned. The reason? Police considered it a work place, making it illegal to smoke there. Here's how the logic goes: Under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, "no person shall smoke tobacco or hold lighted tobacco in any enclosed public place or enclosed workplace." The health unit's tobacco program manager considers the interior of vehicles, privately owned or otherwise, a part of those enclosed workplaces. Truly, social engineering at its best. [Autos.Canada]

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