Fan Mail Is Officially the Saddest App Ever Released

August 10, 2011

You know, we hear a lot about how technology is doing things to us emotionally. It's bringing us together. It's tearing us apart. It's making it easier to find love. It's making it harder to find love. But one thing we can all agree on is that millions of egos are made, or destroyed, online every day.

Meet the application for your phone that made all this attention whoring just that much sadder.

Fan Mail is an application we're pretty sure is designed to collect information for spammers, and they have the nerve to actually charge for it. But it works like this: you type in your first name, your occupation, and your email address and, all throughout the day, for the rest of time, your email address will receive random fan letters from a computer that fills in the blanks. It's like having friends and family, only they don't love you and only exist in your mind!

And it only costs a buck. Yes, you can finally pay to have your dignity removed! They finally achieved it!

Seriously, who buys this? We understand the niche websites like Imaginary Girlfriends fill for sad, lonely people, but what does this do, besides underscore you're willing to pay to get attention from anyone, even a temp cranking out form letters? Do they forward the emails to a suicide hotline or something?

Source: Fan Mail