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The Top 7 Cars That Kill

by bradiger   October 24, 2008 at 3:00PM  |  Views: 2,170

What is it about cars that makes them such ideal instruments of mayhem? When put in the wrong hands, the amount of power an automobile has to offer is certainly a fearsome proposition, and the added level of anonymity it can provide ups the ante that much more. As Halloween fast approaches, what better time to reflect on the finest asphalt-roaming death dealers to grace the silver screen.

7. Ash’s Oldsmobile Delta 88 from Army of Darkness


The director of the Evil Dead series, Sam Raimi, seems to have a soft spot for 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88s – he’s featured it in all but one of his films (and in that one, The Quick and the Dead, he just covered the car with a wagon frame).

But it wasn’t until Army of Darkness that the Delta 88 reached its pinnacle of awesomeness, when Ash and his cohorts somehow managed to rig up what appeared to be helicopter blades and a cow catcher to the front end and subsequently went on an undead blood-letting orgy. Sadly, the Delta 88 didn’t survive the assault, but it did literally go out in a “blaze of glory”.

6. The Dodge M4S from The Wraith


Alright, we gave this car a shout out in the Top Ten Craziest Concept Cars, but after getting a chance to watch The Wraith last weekend, it turns out this sporty number is actually a pretty solid killing machine as well.

As the legend goes, a thuggish local street racing gang starts finding their ranks getting picked off one by one during races with a mysterious new car that has arrived in town. It turns out the car is there to avenge the death of a local kid who’d been murdered by the gang’s leader, and as such, The Wraith has come back to make some shit explode. And it doesn’t disappoint!

5. The 1964 Chevrolet Malibu from Repo Man


When young upstart Otto and the other repo agents at the Helping Hand Acceptance Corporation get word of an absurdly overvalued Chevy Malibu up for repossession, they know something is up.

What they don’t know is that something inhuman and unbelievably powerful lurks in the trunk of this car. Throughout the film, this outwardly unassuming Chevy has no trouble claiming the lives of the skeptical and arrogant. Ultimately, only the truly enlightened individuals are capable of wielding its powers without turning to dust.

4. Death Proof’s 1971 Chevrolet Nova


Few things are as intimidating (and badass) as a muscle car with a flat black paint job. However, when Stuntman Mike claims it to be his “mother’s car” it proves to be enough for Pam to let her guard down and accept a ride home from this silver-tongued stranger.

Stuntman Mike quickly reveals himself to be a top notch sadist, proclaiming that while the car is “100% death proof”, in order to reap the benefits of its safety measures, “you really need to be sittin’ in my seat.” Thus begins the Nova’s killing spree at the hands of an aging psychopath, starting with a dashboard to the face for Pam, followed by gratuitously blood-soaked head on collision with a car full of girls shortly there after.