Mantenna - Thursday, March 19

March 19, 2009

Kim Kardashian shows off her assets for GQ, Tom Cruise leaks news about Mission: Impossible 4, and a huge archive of Playboy has been unleashed onto the's the Mantenna!

Source: Egotastic

Kim Kardashian Poses with Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian is featured in a saucy pictorial for GQ magazine with her football player boyfriend Reggie Bush. The duo is obviously oblivious to the current economic woes as they are photographed lounging by the pool, lying on top of a $100,000 Audi R8, and relaxing in their un-forclosed home. I can’t blame Reggie for being naïve about the global financial crisis. If I had a girlfriend like Kim, I wouldn’t think about anything else. [Egotastic]

The Playboy Archives

Playboy magazine has launched a new website containing past issues of the iconic magazine. You can now browse through 53 old issues of Playboy, dating from 1954 to 2006. The downside is you’ll need to install Microsoft’s Silverlight, which is their version of Flash. []

Tom Cruise Is All About Mission: Impossible 4

Tom Cruise let the news slip on a big Japanese TV show that he’s working on the fourth film in that franchise. And, low and behold, there will be an action scene in Tokyo – weird that he would let this news slip on Japanese television! No details yet on the villain, plot, or girl, but we can probably rest assured that he will perform many crazy stunts and survive many explosions and generally do death-defying things that remind us why we love to watch Ethan Hunt on the hunt. I guess. [The Movie Blog]

Ghostbusters Video Game to be "Gears of War Lite"


Source: Atari

The Ghostbusters video game’s release date has been pushed back, and the new publisher (Atari) is taking that time to polish some Proton packs and tighten up gameplay as much as possible.  Atari senior producer Garrett Moehring said, "We're trying to make this pretty mainstream as far as a third-person shooter goes. Because that's really what it is for the most part, it's an action-shooter — Gears of War Lite, in a way. But it's not as complex." [Kotaku]

Endangered Crocodile Gets Robocop Treatment

After a 10-foot crocodile got its head run over by a car, the Miami Zoo took matters into its own hands.  Witness RoboCroc. They rebuilt his head using metal rods and giant screws reinforcing his killer jaws with space-age awesomeness. [Daily Mail]

Obama Says Your Beater is Worth Five Grand

Dubbed the CARS (Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save) Act, the newest bit of auto-rescuing legislation to be handed down from Capital Hill aims at getting U.S. citizens out of their “clunkers” and into new cars. As per the preliminary terms of the CARS Act, as long as the vehicle is at least 8 years old, the feds are willing to shell out $5k for all vehicles manufactured in North America, and $4k for select imports. GM, Ford, and UAW have all expressed their zealous approval of the legislation, gushing that it will provide an enormous boost in consumer confidence and hopefully jump-start lackluster industry sales. [The Detroit News]

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