Gladiator vs. Shaolin Monk

August 23, 2010

Gladiator weapons:Sling,Trident & Net,Sica,and Scissor

Shaolin Monk weapons:Wind Wheels,Twin Hooks,Emei Peircers, and Whip Chain

Long Range(Sling vs. Wind Wheels)-Edge:Wind Wheels.They seem to be more effective and lethal.

Mid Range(Trident & Net vs. Twin Hooks)-Edge:Twin Hooks.They're more versatile.

Close Range(Sica vs. Emei Peircers)-Edge:Sica.The Emei peircers are only good for thrusting.With the sica,you can slash and thrust.

Special Weapons(Scissor vs. Whip Chain)-Edge:Scissor.It has greater killing potential.

A gladiator is searching for a challenge in a Chinese forest.Eventually,he sees a Shaolin monk training to fight.To avoid being seen,the gladiator hides behind a tree but is heard by the monk.The gladiator quickly loads a sling and in a few seconds releases the rock but the monk dodges it.He then takes out 2 wind wheels and throws both at the gladiator but the gladiator is quick to respond.He uses his trident to hit both wind wheels.Then he gets out a net and charges at the monk.The monk responds by trying to intimidate the gladiator.He does this by swinging his whip chain, but the gladiator is not intimidated.He throws his trident and net on the ground and reveals his sica.Scared by the shape of the sword,the monk runs away but the gladiator follows.To make the gladiator stay away,the monk gets out his Emei peircers and charges.He starts kicking the gladiator several times and eventually thrusts one of the peircers into the gladiator's arm.The gladiator responds by thrusting his sica into the monk's leg.The pain of the wound is more than enough to make the monk drop the peircers.Then the gladiator kicks the monk down but soon the monk kicks back and quickly grabs his twin hooks.However,just before the monk can attack with the hooks,the gladiator charges after getting out his scissor.The monk charges too,but he is kicked down before he can inflict a single wound.Quickly,using brute force,the gladiator thrusts the scissor into the torso of the monk.Once the scissor is extracted from the body,its blade is covered with blood,but the gladiator doesn't mind.He's just glad that he killed the monk.