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The Top Seven Most Anticipated Films of 2010

by nathanbloch   January 19, 2010 at 9:40PM  |  Views: 559

The new year is upon us, and so is another barrage of movies – some good, some bad. And in this economy, no one wants to waste money on a lemon of a movie. But that’s what Spike is here for: to do the research, perform the tests, and generally espouse subjective opinions so you don’t have to get burned at the box office.  

Source: Universal Pictures

7. Predators


Source: Twentieth Century Fox

Yes, it’s true. After the two Aliens vs. Predators movies that the lesser of the Paul Andersons began (he only directed the first), and after the last two Aliens movies bombed, no one is all that excited that there’s a new Predator movie coming our way. But with Nimrod Antal helming it, we don’t really have any idea what we’re going to get. He’s the guy who directed, most recently, Armored, as well as Vacancy and Kontroll. At this point he’s still got something to prove, but what a great movie to prove it with. I mean, with a name like Nimrod, you know this guy’s taken a lot of s*** in his life. He might just give every bully on the playground who ever pushed him around their comeuppance with a return to awesome Predator movies. That’s what we call a win-win.

6. Toy Story 3

Don’t even act like you didn’t love the first two Toy Story movies, ‘cause I know you did. You might have been in grade or middle school at the time, but you loved them all the same. And if the trailers we’ve seen of Toy Story 3 are any indication it’s going to be just as good as, if not way better than, the first two. At this point Pixar is the animation company that can’t make a bad movie if it tries, so you don’t have to be Nostradamus to figure Toy Story 3 is going to be awesome. But this sequel, in this franchise, has so much potential that it could quite possibly be the best Pixar movie yet – and that’s saying a lot.


5. Kick-Ass

This one came out of left field when director Matthew Vaughn, sitting alongside the creator of the comic book, Mark Millar, screened footage of it for the first time at Comic-Con 2009. I don’t think most of those comic book loving dorks had even ever heard of Kick-Ass before they saw the footage, but everyone took note after. This movie could not only be one of the best comic book movies to come out of 2010 (and it definitely has competition), it could also be one of the best comedies. That’s what we like to call synchronicity. (It’s also an album by the Police. Look into it.) Few films can rock two genres at once, but it looks like this one definitely will. It could, like Spider-Man before it, change comic book movies as we know them right now.


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