Harrison Ford Goes All "Sub-Zero" on Papa Smurf on Conan

August 2, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens may have made a lot of high priced film producers and lowly geeks happy for its box office success, but the only thing that's keeping its star Harrison Ford from fully enjoying it are those damn, dirty Smurfs.

Ford went on Conan O'Brien's TBS talk show to promote the film and ended up going on a tear (which for the sullen Ford sounds more like a mildly perturbed complaint from a middle aged stoner) about the new Smurfs movie that was released the same weekend as director Jon Favreau's sci-fi western epic.

As Ford tells it, his son Liam got to see his newest film "for free" but his wife also took him to see The Smurfs, which ended up tying with Cowboys & Aliens for the top spot at the weekend box office. Conan simply being Conan offered Ford the opportunity to vent his frustration on a Papa Smurf doll and Ford went full fatality on his little blue butt. It's probably the calmest I've ever seen a grown man rip the head off of something with his bare hands.

Source: TBS/Team CoCo