Joaquin Phoenix is the New Tupac

March 12, 2009

Apparently Joaquin Phoenix is transforming into a real gangsta rapper because he was involved in a brawl last evening while performing at a night club in Miami. Thug life! Check out the insane video after the jump.

In a video taken during the show, Joaquin can be seen jumping off the stage during his live set and wrestling a noisy heckler to the ground before being dragged off by security.

From The Sun:

The incident took place at around 2am. Joaquin was in his usual get-up of suit, dirty trainers and taped-up sunglasses along with his now-trademark scruffy beard. One fan said, “I saw the guy screaming at Joaquin. Joaquin then flipped and jumped into the crowd.”

After being getting heckled by the audience member, Joaquin yelled, “We have a f***ing b**** in the audience.” He then went the true hip-hop route by gloating about his bankroll. “I've got $1 million in the bank. What have you got b****?” Ahh, snap!

Source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images