Jennifer Aniston's Body is More Appealing than LeBron James' Decision

July 8, 2010

In just a matter of hours, LeBron James will reportedly reveal that he is going to sign with the Miami Heat on a 60-minute televised kick to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ collective groin. has prepared for the announcement by placing massive, half-naked advertisement of Jennifer Aniston all over its front page.

Two separate Aniston advertisements currently dominate the world’s most popular (and occasionally interesting) online sports destination, dwarfing a story that could forever change the world of sports. (And a pretty informative piece about Linas Kleiza signing with the Raptors, too.)

It now appears that LeBron will be playing second fiddle to both Dwyane Wade and a 41-year-old lady who has made out with David Schwimmer over two dozen times.

At least he's going to have a better shot catching up to Darko Milicic and Adam Morrison in the championship ring race.