Flip Men Q & A - Fan Questions Answered

December 7, 2011
Everyone's got their fair share of questions about Flip Men; from the houses to the people on the show themselves, there's no doubt there are some questions that need answers. Time for some good ol' fashioned Q & A, with some interesting answers from the Flip Men themselves.

Who is Ceenee?

As the head foreman, Ceenee is responsible for EVERYTHING when the Flip Men are not directly on the job site. During her 8 plus years leading our team, she has not only mastered the skills of craftsmanship, but she has learned to dominate in a male concentrated profession.When new subcontractors come on site they quickly learn who's boss, and Ceenee tolerates little confusion concerning this matter. She understands the business inside and out and is hands down the most critical component to the team. From the moment she arrives on a project until the transaction is complete, Ceenee not only takes the bull by the horns, she takes the horns off the bull!

Who is Tyrone? Is he for real?

Tyrone is for real, yes. He is not an actor. Years ago, we quickly learned that gangs, previous owners, and punk kids had the ability to destroy our rehab work within seconds. Tyrone was the most intimidating person I knew, gained through personal experience. Tyrone knows how criminals and gangs think so we have given him special jobs to make sure nothing happens to our property through the rehab process. He is not a full-time employee but is a good asset to have on the Rolodex in times of extreme need.

What's the craziest stuff you find?

It can be said that you never really know your neighbors! Rarely does a day go by without seeing a dwelling so weird that you are left scratching your head wondering who is going to believe you. We have seen mountains of Cash left behind, as well as piles of dog crap gently raked up in the corner of a carpeted room - we have seen it all. One particularly interesting find was an abandoned property that was being used as an illegal chop-shop. The night we bought the property we snuck over to take a quick peak. As we entered a dark detached garage our flashlights scanned a mint condition, decked out black Ford F350 with no license plates. Knowing we could possibly be out manned and out gunned if anyone should return for the stolen items we decided to show up the next day and called the police. The whole place was immediately raided by police and we sadly saw trailers of confiscated stolen items head off to the evidence room. As for the stolen truck, it had been boosted 6 months earlier from a Gold's Gym parking lot and the owner actually showed up and thanked us after he saw his mean machine on the news.

What's the most common stuff you find left behind?

Light beer cans, adult magazines, spoiled milk containers so rancid it's hard to keep your lunch down, jars of human pee, and drug-induced messages written on walls.

Why do you stage your homes with furniture?

We stage every home every time; we are in competition with any other homes on the market and it is imperative that we set ourselves apart. Think of selling a house like dating: you need to attract a mate and look your best, and so it's the same for flipping houses. We want our potential buyers to be sitting on our couches and gawking at the giant flat screens, not wondering what piece of crappy furniture they currently own would fit best in an empty space. It's all about perception and vision, and many buys lack both, so give it to them by staging.