Hacker Posts Hayley Williams Topless Shot Online

May 28, 2010

Paramore singer Hayley Williams, who is beloved by Twilight fans, had her Twitter account hacked and a private, topless photo posted online for the entire world to see. See a SFW version after the jump.

In what has to be a very embarrassing day for Williams, a private, naughty topless photograph of the singer was posted for all of her 600,000-plus followers to ogle at online. Williams claims the photo was posted on Twitter without her permission and that her Twitter account was hacked. After the photo hit the web (and was quickly deleted), Williams tweeted, “Well ... My night just changed drastically. Got hacked."


Source: Twitpic

In the photo the 21-year-old lies topless on a bed with her fiery red hair brushed to one side. The photo looks like a self-shot. One theory is that Williams DM'd the photograph to her boyfriend and whomever hacked her account posted it online to embarrass her.

For the NSFW version head over to The Superficial.

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images