Showdown In Sunny San Diego

November 11, 2011
The Auction Hunters have been all over the country, but this week they journeyed to a beautiful beach city which is not only a huge tourist magnet (which means more goodies to find), but also a place where there may be some south-of-the-border treasures: San Diego! What great finds did Ton and Allen discover in this Southern California hotspot? Let's find out.



Valued at: $5,000

Aluminum ladders? Camping chairs? Ehh…not bad, but where's the big haul? No need to worry, Allen finds a metallic monster tool: the jaws of life! Ton absolutely knows that this thing's gotta bring in some serious cash for them, and so they meet up with a local firefighter named Bryan. Bryan is a passionate rescue gear collector who the boys just know will appreciate this life-saving item. Bryan tells them that it can be sold for $5,000 or $6,000 perhaps, but he wants to first see Ton turn a regular car into a convertible with it first – wait, destroy a car and get paid? Can life get any sweeter than this? After a little "remodeling" of a junk car, the boys are ready to collect, but realize that it would be better if a special too like this were donated to a firefighter who could use it to save lives. So instead of turning a profit from the jaws of life, they donate it to Bryan, and walk away feeling good.

San Diego had some characters and some amazing items up for grabs, and the Auction Hunters did well this week, no doubt about that: they spent $2,200 on two units, sold their items for a total of $5,840, and this resulted in a juicy profit of $3,640 – and best of all, they donated the jaws of life to a real-life hero, a firefighter.

Wanna see Ton rip a car apart with the jaws of life? Head over to for this week's episode "Great American Cashtime" now available online. As always, stay tuned to the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. Don't forget, new episodes featuring your favorite auction hunting hosts air Tuesdays at 10/9c.