TheBox Mobile Lounge Bar

April 6, 2009

This mobile unit is a lot more stylish and useful than a mobile home.  It’s a mobile lounge bar. 

Although it might be a little too classy for, say, a Michigan State tailgate, you could certainly whip it out in one of the premium parking lots so that you and your investment banker friends can sip mojitos before heading up to the Sky Box. 

You can see from the pics it’s pretty swank, but here are the fine details of what comes in the box.


Lenght: 9,00m

Width: 2,30m

Height: 3,10m


Complete bar, beer taps, refrigerators, sinks, worktops, cutlery etc.


8 bar stools

20 lounge leather seats

4 on relaxing lawn area


DVD-Player (with usb)

Music box

32" flatscreen

There is no pricing on TheBox’s homepage which means, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”  


Source: TheBox