Bikini Babes Finally Break World Record for Largest Shower

August 24, 2011

The record for the most people showering together has been smashed and it's all thanks to a bunch of busty, bikini-clad babes.

It's a record that has gone begging to be broken. Now, thanks to 152 people, the record for the world's largest shower has been set. Hooray! This impressive example of human achievement was spearheaded by men's deodorant company Lynx/Axe. If this spot proves anything, its women in sexy black bikinis can achieve anything they set their minds to-- especially if they do it in slow-motion.

The record was broken August 13, 2011 on the sullen sands of Bournemouth Beach. Yes, the British call this a beach. Wouldn't this commercial have been the perfect excuse for some advertising execs to jump on a plane, to say Brazil, and round up a gaggle of Brazilian babes? Now that would make one hot shower.

Source: Lynx