Mantenna - Thursday, July 30

July 30, 2009

Kayne West is being blamed for Kim Kardashian's split with Reggie Bush, Steven Spielberg is producing Matt Helm, and AC/DC's Brian Johnson is considering retirement...Show your adversaries who’s bad with the Mantenna!

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Kayne West Blamed for Kim and Reggie Split

Kayne West is being blamed for the recent break-up of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush. FOX News is reporting that “Reggie saw text messages on Kim's phone from Kanye West and flipped out on her.” The texts were apparently not that innocent and were of a “racy” nature. Reggie got extremely jealous, they discovered they had trust issues, and the two called it quits. How heartless! [The Superficial]

George Clooney Has Another Hot New Girlfriend

George Clooney is the man. He is continually dating hot pieces of fine ass. His latest girlfriend, Italian model and actress Elisabetta Canalis, is no exception. She was photographed on the beach looking like a million bucks and seductively sucking on a Popsicle. Mr. Clooney, you are one lucky dog! [Egotastic]

Steven Spielberg to Produce Matt Helm

Author Donald Hamilton’s Matt Helm counter-agent novels (of which there are a whopping 27) looked like they were ripe for the picking by Spielberg. But because of the nonsense between Dreamworks, Paramount, and Dreamworks’ new financier, Reliance, Spielberg is no longer going to direct a film based on any of the novels. He will, however, possibly produce. Screenwriter Paul Attanasio wrote the most recent draft, which piqued Spielberg’s interest. This won’t be the first time Helm is brought to the screen: Dean Martin was the star of four movies that were based on the books. [/Film]

Ron Howard to Hit the Ludlum Train

Director Ron Howard is jumping on the Robert Ludlum train just as David Cronenberg is jumping off. It’s looking likely that he’ll direct The Parsifal Mosaic at Universal. The film is yet another spy novel and it’s going to be adapted by screenwriter David Self. The protagonist, CIA agent Michael Havelock, seeks to put together the pieces of his life after he sees his KGB girlfriend executed, only to later spot her alive and well. Definitely a movie Howard’s got the chops for. Maybe it’ll even inspire Cronenberg to stop being a sourpuss about The Matarese Circle. [First Showing]

AC/DC's Brian Johnson is Considering Retirement


Source: Paul Natkin/Getty Images

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is apparently considering retirement because he fears he's getting too old to rock 'n' roll. The singer has revealed he planned to quit AC/DC in 2010, but his bandmates persuaded him to go on for another nine months. Johnson told Classic Rock magazine, "We were talking about the end of the (current Black Ice) tour and I said, 'We're finishing in May (10) -- and that's me done!’” Johnson admitted he does his best to stay in shape for tours, but he's not sure he's got what it takes anymore. "I try to keep myself fit, and I love it being in this band... (but) the other lads are in their early fifties. I'm the old dog in the regiment. It's a purely selfish thing. I don't want to look a prat if I try to push it too far. I don't want for people to see me onstage and say, 'Oh, poor old f***er, the band's carrying him!'" [Contact Music]

Pirate Bay Ordered to Sever Connection to the Motherland

Poor Pirate Bay, all it ever wanted to do was thumb its nose at the music and movie industries, enable software piracy for people all over the world, play cat-and-mouse games with the Swedish authorities, and maybe make a little money along the way. Now, hot on the heels of a verdict that sees four of its founders headed to prison (that is, if they don't win their appeals) three of the group have been ordered by a court in the Netherlands to block all traffic between the site and its country. If this doesn't happen in the next ten days, each of the defendants faces a charge of €30,000 ($42,000) for each day they don't comply. It's hard being a pirate. [Google]

A Collection of Ungodly "To All You Haters" videos

Ahhh, haters.  You know, the people that can't resist taking to comment boxes and email clients all over the world to tell you that you're either fat, gay, a loser, or some combination of all three. Scientists actually estimate that approximately 42% of all traffic being routed online comes from the time-honored tradition of hating. Our friends at Uncoached have decided to pay tribute to the haters by airing some completely ridiculous and poorly-thought-out response videos from their targets...or "hate-ees" if you will. It ain't pretty. [Uncoached]

NYT Columnist Declares War on Lengthy Voicemail Greetings

You know, we love fighting the good fight -- especially if it means calling out corporations on their untoward business practices. Today we're joining David Pogue of the New York Times in calling foul on cell phone carriers' insistence that users be forced to listen to those maddening, pointless 15-second canned carrier messages. It turns out those additional messages are actually costing you cold, hard cash. He estimates that Verizon, for instance, is netting around $620 million a year thanks to these little annoyances. So what's to be done? Well Pogue wants the citizens of the internet to take up virtual arms...and complain like nobody's business. [New York Times]

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