Body Bag Recap

October 29, 2008

In case you missed tonight's episode of The Ultimate Fighter, or even if you saw it but can't get enough of my snide comments and expert analysis, hit the jump to review all the jaw-dropping action, plus additional exclusive footage!

You've heard the expression, "he lost the game, but he still won in his heart," or something very touching like that. It's very uplifting, I know, but on the other end of that is one of life's real tragedies when you can win at something while still losing.

This was the case, according to Frank Mir, for Junie's "win" over Roli Delgado in last week's show. He may have gotten the decision, but Mir was disappointed in Junie's overall performance and decided he must be taking it too easy on his team.

It's time to crank up the training.

As the editors segue into the training montage, Krzysztof "The Experiment" Soszynski rolls awkwardly on his thumb and screams in pain. It looked like serious trouble for the big man, but he later revealed that it was probably a fracture and he would fight through the pain. I don't know, something tells me the thumb thing isn't over. We'll have to see.

Mir continues to put his team through hell by depriving them of oxygen while pushing their bodies to the limits, then dunking them in a tub of ice in order to put the blood back in the core.

Ummm, ok.

Meanwhile, the Red Team enjoys a light-hearted workout as they continue to bond, forming a sort of family. They take it as far as throwing a pseudo birthday party for Minotauro, who is suffering from homesickness, and bake just about the saddest looking cake I've ever seen. For some reason, this seems to really piss off the Blue Team. Well, I guess I would be pissed too, if I spent the afternoon in a vat of ice while my counterparts were scarfing down birthday cake and swapping stories from that craaaazy night in Cabo. Good times, though.


Anyway, some more shenanigans go on; K-Sos turns Bruchez's room into a grave yard and Nogueira gets into a verbal scuffle with Magalhae. For a full breakdown of the Bruchez/Magalhaes match click here.