The Top 5 Tattoos On Instagram From Ink Master Season 8

December 3, 2016

This season of Ink Master saw some of the most beautiful artwork come out of talented tattoo artists from across the country. As the weeks passed, we all gazed upon the ink on Instagram closely, examining every inch of detail. So after all was said and done, what did the fans love the most? Here are the Top 5 below, and let's just say one artist in particular definitely pleased our fans on Instagram.

5. Ryan's Outer Space Tattoo

It's yet another stellar tattoo from @RyanAshleyMalarkey, earning her this week's top spot! #InkMaster

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4. Kelly's Tramp Stamp Cover Up

This is @DaveNavarro's favorite @kellydotylovessoup tattoo so far this season. What's yours? #InkMaster

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3. Kelly's Peacock Tattoo

2. Kelly's Watercolor Wolf

Every color in this tattoo blends smoothly. Great job, @kellydotylovessoup! #InkMaster

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1. Kelly's New School Gypsy

It would be hard to find a tattoo more immaculate than @kelydotylovessoup's! #InkMaster

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If you thought these tattoos were great, just wait till the master canvas tattoos are revealed during the Ink Master live season finale on Dec 6 at 10/9c. Don't miss it!