The Top Five Worst Terrell Owens Moments

March 5, 2009

Terrell Owens has been ostracized by yet another NFL team as the Cowboys released him late last night. Oddly enough, bringing down two NFL franchises isn’t the worst thing he’s done. He’s an undeniable talent, but also an undeniable head case, demonstrating his insanity throughout his career. These are the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel moments for the troubled star.

Source: Hunter Martin/Getty Images

5. Star Celebration



After scoring a touchdown against the Cowboys eight seasons ago, TO ran to the 50-yard line and celebrated in the middle of the star logo. The next time he crossed the stripe he tried it again, and George Teague came out of nowhere to send him a message about respect. This dastardly deed showed a lack of respect for the Cowboys, and the sport that puts millions of dollars in his bank account.

4. Eagles Killer Interview



In 2005, Owens participated in an interview that basically ended his career in Philadelphia. He took one ill-advised shot at the team after another and dug a hole so deep that Jenna Jameson would say, “dayam!” He said the Eagles were a classless organization for not recognizing his 100th touchdown catch. The Eagles have never stopped a game to recognize an individual achievement in team history. He threw Donovan McNabb under the bus, saying if the team had Brett Favre they would have been champions already. Zing! But the Eagles got the last laugh as they suspended and then deactivated him for the remainder of the season.

3. That’s My Quarterback


Source: Newsday

Either TO has a future as an actor, or it was misdirected melancholy. Whatever the case, his on-camera meltdown after losing an NFC divisional round playoff game is about as bizarre as sports get. With a quivering lower lip and sunglasses the size of satellite dishes, Owens warbled through an awkward sermon to the press. Tony Romo (his quarterback) could not be blamed for the loss after taking Jessica Simpson for a getaway the week before because, he was his quarterback. Terrell cried because he wanted to blame the loss on Romo, but he couldn’t because of office politics. That’s awesome, but sad.

2. Driveway Workout


Source: The Max

After being suspended by the Eagles for four games in 2005, TO held a bizarre, impromptu press conference in his driveway where he proceeded to do sit-ups while answering questions from the press. When asked why he was working out in front of his house he replied, “If I am going to get back on the field, I’m going to have to get in shape.” The press then counted out his reps in unison. One reporter stated, “Some are saying that this is turning into a circus.” TO shot back with, “I love the fans.”

1. VOD


Source: Dallas Police Department

TO hit rock bottom in 2006. After years of shenanigans and outrageous behavior, Terrell took a gang of Vicodin and nearly killed himself. Though Owens denied that he was attempting suicide and blamed it on a mix of supplements and prescription pain pills, the story didn’t wash. He had taken all 40 pills of a prescription in the span of six days, but his publicist stated that he had only taken five up to the day the ambulance hauled him into Baylor for an overdose. The Dallas Police report stated that Owens admitted he tried to harm himself, but later blacked-out that part of the report when it released it to the press. His publicist rubbed salt in the wound at a press conference when she callously stated, “Terrell has 25 million reasons why he should be alive” in reference to the monster contract he had just signed.