AR-15 Assault Rifle with Chainsaw Bayonet

December 1, 2008

A member of the forum from the grand state of Montana has modded an AR-15 assault rifle by adding a chainsaw to it.  It’s like the lancer in Gears of War, but it’s real. It cuts and shoots real zombies, real aliens, or real terrorists. Too bad for zombie hunters and Gears fanboys, though, this isn't (yet) commercially available. Hit the jump for video. 

My favorite quote from the guy that made this is: “What stuff you guys want to see it cut? (Note: I am on a $50 budget for stuff I'm cutting).” What’s your cutting budget? Oh, it averages about 75% of my grocery budget per week.  You know. And, check out the Larry the Cable Guy hat!  Indeed, sir, you’ve forged a tool to git-r-done.


I can’t decide whether I’m super impressed or super freaked out with this guy.  For my own safety, I’d like to have it said that my official sentiment is “impressed and a little scared.” I wonder where the blurring of reality stopped. What other mods might he make? Can users just shoot outside your peripheral vision to reload?