This is Why the Clippers Can't Have Nice Things

January 13, 2010

Blake Griffin was one of the most exciting college basketball prospects to enter the NBA in years. He had size, speed, grit, determination, and a virtually non-existent arrest record. He was on top of the world! That is, of course, until he heard the six most daunting words in the NBA…

“Welcome to the Los Angeles Clippers!”

Just like Shaun Livingston (the Clippers 2004 draft pick with limitless potential who suffered a career-ending injury) and a variety of other players who have had their lives ruined by the single least competitive franchise in pro sports, Griffin is feeling the early effects of “the Clippers Curse.”

Earlier today, reports surfaced that the star forward would undergo season-ending surgery to repair a knee injury that he suffered during an irrelevant pre-season game in October.

Initially, when every sports writer in the country jokingly predicted that being picked by the Clippers would destroy his career, it was mildly amusing. But now, it’s just kind of sad. Every time I go to the Staples Center and get 29 minutes of Rasual Butler struggling to understand the intricacies of a basic layup I can't help but wonder if God really is capable of hating an entire team.

If I could afford Lakers tickets or had more socially-acceptable settings to wear my Steve Novak jersey to, I swear to God I would stop spending my Tuesday nights trying to contain my excitement for the Chris Kaman-Andrea Bargnani showdown in an area of downtown Los Angeles that now boasts "slightly less stabbings than you think."

Source: Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images