Working USB Lie Detector (Now with Presidential Avatars)

October 2, 2008

You can buy this lie detector from for $50 plus shipping, and it includes a pulse oximeter finger clip, skin galvanization finger wraps, a breath-monitoring device, and the software to run it off your PC. List of candidates after the jump.

After it’s installed, choose your political candidate to, um, see them stand next to your readings?  It’s not totally clear what the bobblehead-looking presidential avatars actually do.  But, I won’t deny that seeing the comforting grin of Mike Huckabee would soften the blow when my friends ask me if the Savage Garden CD in the living room is mine.  Order here.



Senator Joe Biden

President George W Bush

President Bill Clinton

Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Senator Hillary Clinton

Governor Mike Huckabee

Senator Chris Dodd

Representative Duncan Hunter

Senator John Edwards

Senator John McCain

Senator Mike Gravel

Representative Ron Paul

Senator Barack Obama

Governor Mitt Romney

Governor Bill Richardson

Representative Tom Tancredo

Last and definitely least:

Senator Fred Thompson