Tough Love: Teaching Women to Date with Shock Therapy

March 6, 2009

VH1 has a pretty great show about teaching women all of the many things wrong with them called Tough Love, and it stars a tough mother named Steve Ward. It's brilliant on 10,000 levels. Hit the jump for details and a super trailer.

Ward is a professional matchmaker, but he pretty much just yells at women and tells them all the idiotic things they’re doing to scare men away.

He is really, really good.  His best method of teaching the women what to do is attaching an electrode to them, then when they screw up, he shocks them.  He shocks them like they’re being house-trained.  Then they film it and put it on television.  

Check out the super trailer below, and then go ahead and buy yourself a shock collar for your friends and lovers here.  It’s a simple equation. 

Source: VH1