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Repo Games is Coming Back for Season Two!

by Dana Flax    |  Views: 12,049

Well, there you have it. You watched, you laughed ("Omg I got my grandma watching #repogames with me..we over here rolling" -- @seductive_eyezz), you told us how much you love #RepoGames on Twitter, and now it's coming back for a whole season of new episodes in 2012!

From the press release:

Spike TV has also announced the pick-up of a new season of 20 additional episodes of its popular original series, “Repo Games.” Premiering this past April, “Repo Games” is executive produced by SallyAnn Salsano and 495 Productions, the team behind the pop culture phenomenon “Jersey Shore.” The show is hosted by real-life repo men Josh Lewis and Tom DeTone. One part “Cops,” one part “Jeopardy,” the innovative game show makes stops across the country to the homes of unsuspecting debtors armed with five trivia questions. Answer three correct, the car will be paid off on the spot, but if the debtors fail, the car will be taken to the impound lot. The new season will debut in 2012.

Check it out- people are already telling us how excited they are:

@CreeTV: Let me make your day....Spike has picked up 20 more episodes of "Repo Games." That pretty much rocks. Best trivia game since Cash Cab.

Are you stoked, too? Share your excitement with @SPIKE_TV on Twitter using the hashtag #RepoGames! And check out full episodes, video clips, photos and more at repogames.spike.com.