50 Cent In Hot Water Over Oral Sex Advice

October 1, 2010

50 Cent should stick to rapping, not dolling out sex advice. The 35-year-old is in trouble after a comment he made about straight oral sex offended many. Find out what he said after the jump.

50 Cent took to Twitter this week divulging his thoughts on oral sex. The rapper is apparently a proponent of cunnilingus and thinks all men should be.  He tweeted, “If you a man and your over 25 and you don't eat pu**y just kill your self damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol.” Now while this may be sage advice for heterosexual men, the comment offended many in the gay community, especially in light of a recent string of gay teen suicides caused by bullying.

50 Cent has hit back at the criticism. In a series of tweets, that might not have helped his situation, he stated, “The other night I made a joke about a blow job. My male followers enjoyed it. So I then went on to joke about women receiving the same. Some how they turned a simple joke about oral sex into a anti gay statement. I have nothing against people who choose and alternative lifestyle in fact iv publicly stated my mom loved women. It funny how people think negative statements are news worthy but positive statements are not worthy of coverage. Access holly wood for got to put laughing out loud lol that was at the end of that statement.”

50 Cent is no stranger to exposing homophobic remarks. In a 2004 interview with Playboy magazine the rapper was quoted as saying, “I ain't into f----ts. I don't like gay people around me, because I'm not comfortable with what their thoughts are. I'm not prejudiced. I just don't go with gay people and kick it--we don't have that much in common. I'd rather hang out with a straight dude. But women who like women, that's cool.” Ouch!

What do you think? Was 50 Cent’s oral sex comment offensive?

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images