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The Top 10 Wimpiest Leading Men

by dsussman   June 18, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 6,716

5. Freddie Prinze Jr.

Photo: George De Sota/getty Images

How in the hell did this guy even get pegged as the next big thing in the first place? In starring as a stud with roles like Wing Commander and She’s All That, Freddie Prinze Jr. tried to come off like a legit leading man. Most of us were not fooled though. I find it funny that studios tried to pass this guy off as the new Tom Cruise or something. At least Tom Cruise made you think he could effortlessly get the girl while saving the world. I’m sure Freddie’s long division skills were much better than his skills as the ultimate male helping stop an unspeakable evil trying to take over the planet.


4. Seth Rogen

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

I love Seth Rogen to death, but he’s is the perfect anti-leading man. As far as the definition goes in a classic sense, Rogen is the polar opposite of what a leading man is supposed to be. Rogan’s not especially good looking, seems pretty out of shape, and he has more of a keg than a six-pack in the ab department. Either way, he’s still really interesting as a male lead.

Take Knocked Up for example. For being the lead in a romantic comedy that could have starred a Matthew McConaughey-like stud, Rogan made the outrageous plot seem completely realistic with his hilarious stoner attitude and adolescent one-liners. The character fit him perfectly and it wasn’t a stretch at all for him to fit right into the wimpy character. Will he be able to do the same in The Green Hornet? We sure do hope so.


3. Michael Cera

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Michael Cera has single-handedly cornered the market when it comes to landing roles as the geeky/wimpy male lead. I’m guessing that any quirky coming-of-age comedies made since his success in Superbad list Michael Cera as the perfect actor to play the role that they’re looking for. He completely changed the game overnight on the big screen as well as on the Internet. Michael Cera has kinda become the 21st century version of Woody Allen. He’s hilarious, goofy lookin’, and he always gets the girl. 


2. Prince

Photo: Ebet Roberts/Getty Images

Purple Rain. What a classic. For those who have yet to view this 1984 landmark, Prince gets smacked around by his dad, tricks Apollonia into stripping off her clothes, and pumps out some the greatest pop jams ever written. For a guy that’s only 5'2" and doesn’t really speak all that much, Prince kinda knocked this one outta the park. Although for a natural leading man in a movie, Prince Rogers Nelson was anything but normal. His extremely short stature and ridiculous femininity are the two main standouts when watching this film. I feel like this is the reason why he’s acted in so few movies. Only in the ‘80s could you make a man like Prince the hero and romantic lead of a feature film. Under the Cherry Moon, anyone?


1. Woody Allen

Photo: David Redfern/Getty Images

Over the years, in an endless string of romantic comedies, we’ve seen Woody Allen between the sheets with some the cutest female faces in Hollywood. Based on Woody’s dorky looks and zany personality, this is quite impressive. Not only is it impressive, it’s kinda unbelievable.

Allen’s endless talents in the writing and directing field helped catapult him to superstardom and somehow made him a legitimate leading man. Like most of the people on this list, I’m not making fun of Woody. It’s great when there are "normal" guys landing leading roles in movies based solely on their charisma and natural talent instead of square jaw and eight-pack abs. Seeing Woody pull chicks like Diane Keaton in a films like Annie Hall is inspiration for wimps worldwide who never thought brains would ever get them laid and/or adored by a large number of the female population.

Thanks, Woody.


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