Soderbergh Weighs in on Avatar

April 29, 2009

Only a few individuals have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of James Cameron's new film Avatar, but director Steven Soderbergh is one of them and he's weighing in on the highly anticipated film with some pretty over-the-top superlatives.

After getting to see some of the film, Soderbergh described it as "the craziest s**t ever." High praise coming from a director as esteemed as Soderbergh.

Coming Soon quotes Soderbergh as saying, "I've seen some stuff and holy s**t. It's the craziest s**t ever. That could negate everything I just said." 

I think I speak for movie fans everywhere when I say, When the hell are we going to see some footage? A trailer? Anything!

As for what he "just said," Coming Soon also gives us this from their interview with Soderbergh:

We were asking why he thought recent films didn't have quite the impact or longevity as the classics, and he gave us a great response about how the volume of movies being made and seen made it hard for anything to have the cultural impact of a movie like The Godfather or be remembered. He was disappointed there weren't those sorts of benchmarks in the movies being made today, but he surprised us by adding that he thought James Cameron's Avatar would be one of those benchmarks.

It pretty much seems like if you're not some internationally-renowned filmmaker, your chances of seeing any Avatar footage in the near future are not great, but rest assured when you do finally see something, it will blow your mind.

Thanks to Cinematical for the photo.