The Ultimate Fighter Recap

May 15, 2008


Coach Rampage's long awaited control was short lived as the favored Gerald Harris lost in his bout with Amir Sadollah. Confidence was high after the fight announcement as Sadollah's strong standing skills were assumed to be no match for Harris's intense grappling style.

The first round of the Harris/Sadollah match found Sadollah getting slammed to the mat (as promised) twice by Harris. Despite the punishment handed out by Harris, Sadollah lands several good blows and almost catches Harris in an armbar.

In round two, Sadollah shows impressive flexibility when he's caught against the fence in a splits position, and he manages to scramble away from Harris each time he goes for the slam. Harris gets Sadollah pinned to the fence, but Amir lands a knee to Gerald's temple, dropping him to the mat. Amir snatches the opportunity and drops onto Harris, throwing punches that go undefended by the dazed Harris. The Ref calls the match and a furious Gerald Harris denies he was truly out. Check out an extended cut of his disappointment at the outcome of the fight.[video]2980465[/video]

The second fight is announced to be between Patrick Schultz and Cale Yarbrough, leaving the final prelimary match next week to CB Dollaway and Nick Klein.

Both Schultz and Yarbrough show their preference for stand up fighting in the first round, trading kicks and punches until late in the round when Yarbrough takes down Schultz and gets in the guard. Schultz briefly regains his footing but is quickly taken down again and spends the last ten seconds of the round riding out the abuse.

Yarbrough controls the second round, getting Schultz to the ground and pinned against the fence for some ground and pound. It's a long and brutal affair, and at the end of the round, both fighters and both coaches are ready for round three. However, the Ref announces the fight has gone to decision in favor of Yarbrough and Rampage demonstrates his namesake. He storms out of the ring, throwing some trash talk to Forrest on the way.[video]2981047[/video]

Can Team Forrest score another win next week? If this leak clip of CB Dollaway taking down Rampage during training is any indication, it will be a match you won't want to miss. [video]2981044[/video]