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Welcome to the World of Deadliest Warrior: The Game

by MariShapiro   May 06, 2010 at 3:02PM  |  Views: 261

Curious to how a video game is developed? Find out how Deadliest Warrior: The Game was created, from its start that stemmed from an idea in an email to how the warriors available to play with were chosen.

Hello there, my name is Robert Daly and I am the studio head here at Pipeworks. It was mid last year when an email came in about Deadliest Warrior from our business development group. A couple minutes after that, a request had come in and I responded that we would be very interested in this project although a few weeks earlier I was cursing about the results of the show. I had been watching the Special Forces vs. Spetsnaz episode and thought, "Grrrr...stupid ballistic knife, what a useless piece of junk, give me a Gerber any day of the week." Having been in the Special Forces myself, it was annoying to see those results, although it was interesting to see the weapon selections since they were more in line with what is used now then what was used when these units would have faced off. 

Enough talk about that, although let me say there is no way... 

The next step we had to take with this project was figuring out what we could build in the time frame and what made the most sense. We talked at length on how we could include more of the modern warriors, but in the end it just wouldn't work as even in the show it went to squad or fire team-based warriors opposed to individuals. So we went back and re-scoped the project to limit it to only some warriors with black powder firearms opposed to cartridge based weapons, which would change the dynamics by too much. 

Now that we had our design pillars in place, we wanted to show Spike what we had been up to, but a document just felt wrong. We toyed with the idea of a playable build early on since we had fighting game technology in hand from our Godzilla projects, although that only lasted about 10 minutes in a debate since we would never be able to get it to the quality level we wanted. Our studio art director suggested we create a movie to show the graphical look we were trying to achieve, which seemed perfect. This gave us a way to establish a look early on and show some of the ideas we had for the game. Three weeks later we went out to New York, with our video and our designs in hand, to show Spike where we were at. The video we presented was modified a bit but it pretty much is the same video that was shown at the VGA awards show.