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Mantenna - Ja Rule in Trouble Again

by Spike   July 20, 2011 at 7:00PM  |  Views: 1,381

Ja Rule is sentenced to more prison time, Foxy Brown is reportedly offered a spot on the cover of Playboy, and Linda Hamilton comes to the aid of a U.S. Marine...the Mantenna would like to take you to the dance.

Source: Bobby Bank/WireImage/Getty Images

Ja Rule Sentenced to More Prison Time for Tax Evasion

Troubled rapper Ja Rule is in more hot water with the authorities. The artist, currently serving two years on weapons charges, was slapped with a 28-month sentence for tax evasion between the years 2003 and 2008. “I in no way attempted to deceive the government or do anything illegal,” he said minutes before being sentenced, according to The Associated Press. Though he still owes the government over $1 million in back taxes and fines, there is a silver lining to this cloud of incarceration: the sentence may be served concurrently with the time he's already doing. So it's looking like he'll just get another four months of prison time added to his sentence.

Foxy Brown Reportedly Offered Playboy Cover

Curvaceous hip-hop artist Foxy Brown is the latest celebrity to be offered the cover of Playboy. Unconfirmed reports from MTV.com estimate the offer to be worth $2 million or, for those of you with absolutely no math skills, $1 million per breast. It isn't clear whether or not the rapper will join the likes of Pam Anderson, Drew Barrymore, and Sharon Stone as the latest celeb to grace the cover, but we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Ferrari Picks Best Designs in Hybrid Ferrari Concept Contest

The words "hybrid" and "Ferrari" might sound like two words that complement each other less than "Pinto" and "driveable," but a new concept contest held by Ferrari hopes to use the uniqueness of their designs to make just that. Designers Kim Cheon Ju, Ahn Dre, and Lee Sahngseok of the Hongik University in Seoul, Korea won the first place trophy with their model design of the new hybrid Ferrari concept, which they dubbed "Eternità" at the World Design Contest in Maranello, Italy. The car probably won't go past the model stage but let's hope it does. Something as sleek as that could turn heads so fast, the driver would be held for assault for cracking people's spines.

Linda Hamilton Offers to Be Marine's Rebound Date

When Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis was turned down for a date to his military ball by sitcom darling Betty White, she apparently felt so bad that she asked another Hollywood darling to take her place. So Terminator 2 babe Linda Hamilton took to YouTube to ask Lewis if he would invite her to the ball instead in a hilarious intro to her video that feature clips from Hamilton's movies that mirror Lewis' original invitation video to Mrs. White.