Mike Gordon Warren haynes DJ Logic Story

August 22, 2010

Mike Gordon Warren Haynes DJ Logic Story

I actually had the pleazure of
jammin' with DJ Logic of Yohimbe Brothers
One Mountain Jam weekend...in NY awhile ago
at an after party club...(Thankz Logic...get in touch
kool? You're my friend on myspace.

After I played guitar,this young gentleman came up
to me and said..I was wailing.
I told him thank you very much...and that he had
a pretty kool bass guitar there.
(I had no idea what kind of bass, but definitely custom.)

A few moments later my buddy, DJ CKat came up to me
and told me that the gentleman bass player was none other
than Mike Gordon, the bassist with Phish.
I'd never really seen Mike up close before that but he seemed really
down to earth.
Talk about stoked...

I had hung out backstage Mountain Jam, talking to Warren Haynes of
Gov't Mule.
Then jammed guitar with DJ Logic, then had Mike Gordon tell me I was

That was a kool day.

{ o}======>
The Alien Bluez Dude