Polakowski Speaks

November 20, 2008

John Polakowski lets it all hang out in this Q&A with Spike.com. The hugs, the marshmallows, and of course, Stankie. Hit the jump.

SP: The first thing I have to ask you is, what is up with all the hugs?

JP: Haha I like giving hugs. I like showing people I care about them. I don't usually just gives hugs to random people, but I really like showing some affection to my friends and cheering people up.

SP: Did you expect a third round?

JP: I was definitely hoping for it. I kind of expected it because my corner told me it would go to a third but it wasn't in the cards so it's okay. I'll have other opportunities in the UFC so I'm not worries about it.

SP: You said you were hoping for a third round, does that mean you thought you had lost at least one of the earlier rounds?

JP: when you're in the middle of a fight, it's really difficult to discern who won and who lost the rounds. Actually, I don't remember a lot of the details that happen as the fight is going on. I didn't know how I did in the first round, but I definitely felt like I did more damage in the second so I thought a third was justified.

SP: What did you take away from this whole experience?

JP: A bunch. First of all, my weakness is my ground game and Nogueira really helped me out with that a bunch. My ground game got ten-times better while I was there. Also, I really had an appreciation for my teammates while I trained there. It's really nice to be able to train with top-notch guys all the time.

SP: Why did "The Marshmallow Incident" piss you off so much?

JP: Well, I'll tell you why. When it happened to me the first time -you know, they took all the marshmallows out of my cereal- and I just kind of laughed it off. They didn't show that part on TV. After that, they told me, "Okay, we'll go get you a new box."

I said, ‘Sounds good,' so they got me another box and left it on my pillow. I came home and was like, ‘Sweet, I got another box of Lucky Charms,' so I opened it up and the marshmallows are gone again! It wasn't the fact that the masrmallows were gone, it was more that I felt people were fucking with me and I didn't know why. That's why I was irritated about it.


SP: What are your predictions for the Nogueira/Mir fight coming up?

JP: Nogueira.

SP: So that would set up a fight between Nogueira and Lesnar. How do you see that playing out?

JP: I definitely expect to see Nogueira win it. I mean, I was shocked to see Lesnar beat Couture, but Nogueira is a bigger boy than Randy. He is a big guy. I could definitely see Nogueira hanging in there with Brock. You can't knock Nogueira out. Well, you can but he's a tough guy who can take a lot of punishment, so I don't see Lesnar winning in the same way he beat Couture.

SP: To go back to your own fight on the show, where do you think you went wrong?

JP: I'll tell you what it was. George Roop is a tall guy. He's taller than me by like three or four inches, and my strength is my standup game. To fight Roop, I had to get within my striking range but he has a stronger reach than me so he can keep me away with his jab. I had to jump in to get in my range and the really sets me up for an easy takedown. That was a big factor, but I think what ultimately happened is that I got too comfortable standing up. Once we started trading, I didn't think about the takedown and I should have.

SP: Here comes everyone's favorite question. What was it like working with Stankie?

JP: Stankie, I love Stankie! Man, I have so many stories about that guy. We do pads, you know he'd hold the pads for us, and he had a strange habit of suddenly stopping in the middle of a round and start telling you some random story. So we were doing pads one day and he stopped and said, "When I die, I want to die having sex with my wife so she can say ‘He came, and then he left.'"

Here's another one. There are a few female producers on the show who are in their early 30's. one day they were talking to us and Stankie gets up and says, "Excuse me. Child, I would hate to box you, but I would love to wrestle you." She was jut shocked. She didn't know what to say.

SP: That's all I have. Thanks a lot and good luck.

JP: Thank you.