Fictitious Tiger Woods Sex Tape Available for Actual Sale Tomorrow

October 14, 2010

Over the past few weeks, Tiger Woods' small army of lawyers has denied the existence of a sex tape between the world’s number one golfer and his porn star mistress. This Friday, his legal team will have the opportunity to express these claims in the comments section of their online shopping cart when the DVD becomes available for purchase.

While there’s no proof that the tape actually exists, the small-time proprieter and head of assures fans of its legitimacy. And if there’s one guy you can trust, it’s the gentleman who secretly tapes pro athletes having sex and then sells the video online several years later.

“I was told there was a bid by his lawyers to buy the tape but so far no deal has been struck and I don’t think it will be either,” producer Nick James told “I think that it will be available for pre-order no matter what now – right now that is definitely still on.”

Tiger Woods’ pornographic co-star, Devon James (yes, that’s Nick’s wife), has also defended the existence of the tape and told fans that it is even better than they could imagine. If you were imagining efficient, golfer sex, you were wrong.

I don’t want to spoil the plot or anything, but I'm pretty sure the main character gets divorced at the end.

Photo: Gilvert Carrasquillo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images