Round 3 Match 3: Spartan vs Centurion

February 14, 2011

Holy Shit!



Short Range- Xiphos

Mid Range- Dory

Long Range- Javelin

Special- Shield (Aspis)

Armor- Bronze Cuirass, Greaves, Vambraces, Helmet; Giant wood shield covered in Bronze

Tactics- Phalanx


Short Range- Gladius

Mid Range- Pilum

Long Range- Scorpion

Special- Dolabra

Armor- Chainmail and Helmet, Large Curved rectangular Shield (Scutum)

Tactics- Legion (makes no difference either way)


Short Range- Gladius vs Xiphos

This edge is difficult to give, as the Gladius is clearly superior from a weapon to weapon comparison, but when factoring in each other's armor it becomes more complicated. After some research I've concluded that even though the Gladius is still mainly a stabbing weapon, the gladius used on the show will NOT pierce the Spartan's bronze armor. It is a Pompeii Gladius, which was developed for use against the lightly armored barbarians, and had much less piercing power than the earlier Maintz Gladius, which would have certainly pierced through Bronze. The Xiphos will be able to punch through the Centurion's chainmail, but this is only because DW doesn't use riveted chainmail. Both swords are used in the same way from behind their shields, so no advantages there. The Gladius is longer than the Xiphos, meaning it can hit at some of the Spartan's unprotected parts first, but the Centurion is less armored, and the armor that he wears can be pierced by the Xiphos. Still, I say this is a tie, as the Gladius is a better weapon, but the armor of the Spartan holds it back.

Edge- Even

Mid Range- Dory vs Pilum

Another difficult edge, but at least these are two different weapons to compare. The Pilum would get through the shield of the Spartan. I doubt it would retain enough force to continue on and pierce the armor through the shield, but he always has a second Pilum for that after the Spartan drops his shield. One thing I really don't like about the Pilum is that once you throw it, you can't use it again, unless you miss, in which case if the Centurion somehow got around the Spartan and took it out of the ground before he got to him I guess he could reuse it, but it's a long shot for that to happen. If both Pila hit the right spots, this could be a death blow for the Spartan, but what I'm really having trouble figuring out is if the Spartan would be less effective without his shield if the Centurion has thrown both his Pila. The Centurion has no weapons that can get close to the spear without his Pila, and without the shield to weigh him down the Spartan could be much quicker on his feet, not to mention the effectiveness of using a spear two-handed versus one-handed. The Gladius could possibly cut the spear, but it's not going to be easy with such a short sword. Sure the Spartan wouldn't be as used to using the spear in such a way, but the Centurion is not a fast opponent while holding his shield, and without it he is completely vulnerable. After hearing some fellow blogger's opinions on the matter I have decided that, while not fatal, losing the shield would prove to be a disadvantage for the Spartan. This is partly due to the fact that in this situation, the Centurion would be on the offensive nearly all of the time, forcing the Spartan to back up and defend with his weapons (which weren't made for deflecting at all.) The big thing that concerns me about the Centurion is how much shorter his Gladius is than the Spartan's spear, so if the Spartan gets a good shot at the Centurion's legs or face while he's charging the Spartan could certainly win, but with the Scutum in the way this will be more than a little difficult to pull off. I'm not too worried about the Pilum hitting an unshielded Spartan, as he is undoubtably used to seeing the motions of throwing a javelin, and would definitely get out of the way of it if he was unshielded (especially since the first one went through his shield already.) Slashing at the Spartan's forearms would do nothing, and his hand is likely holding a weapon that would deflect the slash, so the Centurion's ability to cut at the Spartan's arms with the Gladius isn't really an advantage when the Spartan would be in range to stab at the Centurion's shoulders at that point. Well anyways the spear will probably get more kills than the Pilum overall, but the fact that the Pilum can take away the Spartan's shield gets it a close Edge.

Edge- Pilum

Long Range- Scorpion vs Javelin

Both of these weapons are awful against each other, but the javelin is nearly useless against the Centurion. It's a big dart that doesn't even have a long enough point to get through the chainmail, let alone the Scutum. The Scorpion is better in the fact that it can pierce the Spartan's shield, but not enough to hit behind the Spartan, and it's not going to weigh the shield down like the Pilum would, meaning it could only hit the Spartan's shield arm on a lucky shot. Also I'm not sure if all scorpion's fire like this, or if the one used on the show was just a piece of shit, but the bolt did not fly straight coming out of the machine, it went all over the place during it's flight, so it very well could just bounce off the shield depending on where it was at the time it connected with the shield. The Scorpion gets the edge, but it's a pretty useless edge.

Edge- Scorpion

Special Weapons- Shield vs Dolabra

Spartan's shield gets the edge, the Dolabra is very awkward with one hand and without the shield the Centurion would die very quickly. I don't really care about this comparison though, as it really should be

Shields- Aspis vs Scutum

Here's a fun comparison. The Aspis is a large, round shield made of mostly wood and covered in bronze. The Scutum is a large, rectangular shield made of wood with a big iron boss in the middle of it. In terms of lethality, I'll have to go with the Aspis simply because the Scutum's main form of offense is the iron boss, which would be concentrated on the Spartan's bronze cuirass (if it got past the Aspis) and not too damaging. The Aspis' round design allows edge strikes to be made with deadly force, and the Centurion's helmet, while extremely awesome, won't be able to take enough force from the blow to stop the shield from at least seriously dazing the Centurion, probably killing him outright in many cases. In terms of defense I go with the Scutum, because it's lighter, still very defenseable, and the Spartan has no weapons that can penetrate through it, which is a problem for the Aspis. Overall I give the Scutum a relatively close edge since a shield is always meant primarily for defense. They both have other weapons to stab each other with.

Edge- Scutum

Armor- Chainmail, greaves, and helmet, Large Curved rectangular Shield (Scutum) vs Bronze Cuirass, Greaves, Vambraces, Helmet; Giant wood shield covered in Bronze

These aren't exactly the lightest armored warriors in the world. Both have great shields which I've already gone over, but the fact that the poor Centurion is stuck using butted chainmail hurts him very badly. He does have iron greaves and a great Iron helmet, which was of a better design than the Spartan's helmet, but the Spartan has a bronze cuirass as well as bronze vambraces, which could stop the Centurion from slashing at his arm with the gladius. If both of these warriors get close enough to use their swords, the Spartan will be able to stab pretty much anywhere, while the Centurion will be more limited. The Spartan had a better set of armor on DW. In actuality, this wasn't the case, but unfortunately for the Centurion that's not what I'm comparing.

Edge- Spartan

Tactics- Legion vs Phalanx

Both were formation fighters, and as such are on level ground as far as one on one fighting is concerned.

Continue On!

Both of these warriors have two effective close-Mid range weapons and great shields. They also have awful ranged weapons and the Dolabra isn't going to help at all. In short, as I begin to write this, I still don't know who will win.

The Centurion went back to the demberry bush he had gone to earlier and healed his hamstring with it. He carried his new sword he had just looted off of the Barbarian, which was longer and heavier compared to his Gladius. He was nearly at his campsite when a bright light pierced through the clouds and blinded him. He then vanished out of thin air.

The Spartan was really pissed about his shield being ruined, and he knew that his commander was going to beat him for coming back with it in it's hole-filled condition. Nonetheless he carried his weapons and shield back to Sparta, where his ruthless commander, Kratos, was going to lead them in a campaign against some barbarians from the North. He was a few miles away from his city, when a bright light came from above and took him away from the realm of Earth that he knew.

The Centurion and Spartan both appeared across from each other, on a white, billowy surface. They looked up and saw the Olympians sitting before them in their monsterous thrones. Both warriors immidiately fell to their knees in front of them.

"You have been brought here because you have been deemed worthy of entertaining the Gods." Said Zeus, who motioned to Hephaestus. "You will fight each other using weapons we see fit for you to use." And with that Hephaestus brought each warrior their weapons and armor. The Centurion was forced to get rid of his new sword for a Gladius, something he did without problem, as he knew that Vulcan(Hephaestus) would have made sure that he would win over this inferior warrior. The Spartan revered his new Aspis and thanked Hephaestus for the beautifully crafted weapons.

The Spartan and Centurion had both put on their armor and readied their weapons. Ares stood between them in his human form, ready to signal when they could begin the fight. The Spartan looked across at the Centurion, who looked up at the God's and wondered why Bacchus was in the place of Vesta. This thought was disrupted by Ares yelling for them to fight.

Both warriors charged at each other, each convinced that the Gods were on their side. The Spartan threw his javelin at the Centurion, who got behind his shield and took the blow with ease. They both took out their swords and rammed their shields into the other's, causing a flash of lightning to appear between them. The Spartan stabbed at the Centurion's shoulder, but hit his helmet as the Centurion came around the Spartans shield and stabbed at his guts, only to find that the bronze armor was able to withstand the shot from his Gladius. The Spartan tried to get around the Centurion's Scutum, but found that the curved sides protected him very well as he backed away and slashed at the Spartan's sword arm, glancing off his Vambrace. Both warriors backed away from each other and seathed their swords.

The Spartan removed his Dory and positioned it under his shield, as the Centurion stayed hidden behind his shield. The Spartan began to move foward, when the Centurion launched a long javelin at him. He had no time to dodge, so he relied on his shield, which was pierced by the Pilum and brought off balance. He tried to hold his shield, but the long spike poking his shoulder was getting more than bothersome as he saw another Pilum fly at him. This one pierced the Shield and nearly hit his neck, which made him drop his shield. He decided against picking it back up at this point, and went without it as he took his spear up in his other hand. The Centurion unseathed his Gladius and charged at the Spartan.

The Spartan used his mobility to his advantage, keeping away from the Centurion as best as he could while jabbing at him to no avail. He then hit the Centurion in the foot, slowing him down. He stabbed at the Centurion's shield as hard as he could, piercing the wood a couple of inches. The Centurion took this opportunity to stab the Spartan's arm, but his shield was now oddly weighted because of the spear sticking out of it, so he couldn't hit the Spartan with it before he backed away.

The Spartan took out his Xiphos and charged at the Centurion before he had a chance to remove the spear, causing him to hold onto it as the Spartan took the end of the spear and used it to push the Centurion off balance, making him drop the shield for fear of falling. They were now shieldless, as the Centurion used his longer sword to keep the Spartan at bay. The Spartan hopped within range as the Centurion stabbed into the Spartan's shoulder, causing the Spartan to miss the neck and hit his shoulder as well. The Spartan hit the Centurion in the gut with his knee as the Centurion stabbed the knee of the Spartan. The Spartan fell forward onto the Centurion, causing his Xiphos to stab into the Centurion's back. The Centurion coughed up blood as he turned over and stabbed the Spartan in the side. The Spartan felt the pain and stabbed the Centurion's arm, causing him to drop his Gladius. He then stabbed into the Centurion's stomach, causing even worse bleeding. Neither of the Warriors could feel pain at this point, as the Centurion batted the Xiphos out of the Spartan's weak hands and they began choking each other. They both squeezed the other as hard as they could until they both died.

Winner: Tie!

"What?" Yelled Ares, displeased by the results. "This wasn't supposed to happen!" He stormed up to the bodies and examined them, as Poseidon said, "I thought it was awesome! I haven't seen a better fight since Zeus threw that mountain on Typhon."

"Ok, ok, I know how we'll settle this." Zeus told Ares, who was about to destroy all of Rome in his rage. Thanatos rose from the clouds next to the two warriors to take them to Hades. "Hey Thanatos, who died first out of these two?" Asked Zeus. "I don't know, I just take the bodies to wherever they need to go." Zeus grumbled as Ares started to cause a civil war, so he called Asclepius up to Olympus to perform an autopsy. "Well it seems that, by a margin of mere seconds, the Spartan was the one who died second."

"Well that settles it then, I declare the Spartan the winner!"

Winner: Spartan

Thanatos dragged the Centurion off Mt. Olympus after taking a gold piece from his pocket for Charon. Ares then kicked Asclepius off the mountain because fuck him. Zeus resurrected the Spartan, who was extremely surprised to be alive. "You have fought well, and narrowly defeated your opponent. Now your prize is the beautiful Aphrodite." Aphrodite went with the Spartan to her chamber as Hephaestus yelled, "What the hell Zeus? I never agreed to that!" To which he replied, "Oh Hephaestus, your wife is a whore, just ask Ares." They all then started laughing as Hephaestus went into a corner and cried.

Ending Assessment:

The superior armor of the Spartan, combined with the fact that the Pilum isn't the best killing weapon and the Gladius is pretty short to rely on as a primary weapon, barely barely barely allowed the Spartan to prevail over his overall superior weapons. Not everyone will agree with this decision, but if it makes you feel any better Sparta, the Centurion seriously got jipped in DW, and if he had even something as simple as riveted chainmail he would've won.

Final Results:

Spartan: 500.1 Kills

Xiphos- 221 Kills- The armor and shield of the Spartan allowed this weapon to get in close and punch through the Centurion's chainmail.

Dory- 226 Kills- This weapon may be unweildy in one hand, but it's length was crucial, and without it his shieldlessness would have been an easy win for the Centurion.

Javelin- 1 Kill- Lucky throw

Aspis- 52 Kills- The shield of the Centurion prevented this weapon from getting a whole lot of kills, forcing the Spartan to rely on his other weapons.

Choking- .1 Kills- Hey, I don't make the rules. Oh wait I do...

Centurion-499.9 Kills

Gladius- 275 Kills- It's length helped it beat out the Xiphos, but it's inability to pierce the bronze stopped it from winning the Match.

Pilum- 204 Kills- It's armor piercing ability really helped the Centurion, but it's small zone of trauma kept it from being unbelievably effective

Scorpion- 11 Kills- Pretty good against a slow moving Spartan, but it's still a seige weapon.

Dolabra- 9 Kills- why would the Centurion ever take this weapon out if he had any of his other weapons?

Iron Boss- .9 Kills- I'll give it some credit, even if it has tiny chance to kill the Spartan with shield, without the shield the Spartan could be slightly vulnerable to this.

That was stressful.