Sophie Monk Would One Day Like to Keep Her Clothes On

June 23, 2011

Go behind the scenes of Sophie Monk's sexy Maxim bikini photo shoot and find out what turns her on and why she wants to keep her clothes one day.

Sophie Monk looks absolutely gorgeous as she rolls around in the sand for her latest bikini photo shoot. The 31-year-old blonde bombshell has a reality show set to start airing on E! and she's super psyched about it.

Things are also looking up for her film career. The actress has a few independent films set for release and is looking to branch out in the type of roles she plays. While she admits she usually gets cast as the blonde bimbo, she is hoping to one day get cast in a role where "she keeps her clothes on." A girl's gotta dream.

Sophie says she's actually very shy, well, when she's not posing in a bikini. She tells Maxim, "It's funny. When you put a camera on me, I'm not shy whatsoever. But if I go to the beach, I will not wear a bikini because I'm so self-conscious. There is the Sophie who likes being sexy for the cameras and the Sophie who stays home and is a bit of a dork." How adorable.

Sophie says the most important trait she looks for in a guy is a witty sense of humor. She tells Maxim she likes "a guy who is comfortable in his own skin. If you put together all the guys I've dated, you'd be amazed. None of them look alike. All shapes, sizes, and ages. One guy looked like he was out of The Lord of the Rings, and I had a brain crush on him. I usually don't go for good-looking guys. They're always checking themselves out in mirror." She just made every hairy-footed, hobbit-looking dude's day.

Source: Maxim