Filipino Fighter verses????

December 30, 2009

OK, I am going throw one out, I would love to see a FMA fighter, like Lapu Lapu fight a Swordsman- Oh yeah right we know how that ended already Magellen lost his head on spear out from a of Lapu Lapu's village, Ok lets fast forward to 1898 and the American Army just had to get the help of the Filipino Army to fight and beat the Spanish, Yeah we beat them too. OK lets move to 1941 and the American army and the Philippene Army is fight a 6 month battle against a well armed and supplied army of Imperial Japan Ok that just turned into a Gurrilla war that Japanese never won and retreated to the towns!!!!. I would put up a Filipino fighter against any fighter from 1500 to today and they would get there butts handed to them. I think the best fight would be the NVA of Vietnam verse RP Marines. That would be show.