Model Expertly Seduces Fruit with Large Breasts

July 26, 2011

Model Desiree Elyda Villalobos gets so hot and heavy over an array of fruits, it's criminal. Seriously, she should hire an attorney.

All hail busty model Desiree Elyda Villalobos, whose curvy body and sexy fruit seduction makes this commercial for who knows what extremely memorable. Apparently the spot is for shoes or clothing or something. But you'd be hard up finding out anyway. Who notices what Desiree is wearing? She's too busy having her way with that fruit.

Yes, her attention (and ours) is firmly placed on the oozing, sweet, and fleshy fruit. And boy does she go to town on it. Desiree squeezes, sucks, slurps, bites, manhandles, and does everything feasibly possible with, and to, the ripened fruit. This girl is not afraid to use her hands, mouth, and breasts to teach that fruit a naughty lesson. It's exploitative to say the least, and if you were the fruit you'd feel, well, rather used and dirty.

This commercial is outrageous, explicit and wonderfully fruity.

Source: Primitive Clothing