Will Ferrell to Make a Romantic Comedy

January 26, 2010

After Will Ferrell knocked out lots of not-so-hilarious comedies in the past few years, he's decided to take a risky step: he's going to be in a romantic comedy. Gasp! Can it be true? The answer seems to be yes -- but don't give up hope yet, this could have potential.

The rom-com stars Ferrell as a 40-something single guy who gets forced by his seven sisters and mother to get married. So that they will never bother him about getting married again he marries his friend's sister with the understanding that she will ditch him at the altar, and thus relieve him for ever more of his onerous obligation to the many women in his family.

Pajiba tells us a few more details about the project:

It’s a remake of a little known French film from 2006 called, I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single which starred Charlotte Gainsbourg...

The American remake, no doubt, will be dumb as rocks, as the logline indicates: It’s about a 40-something year old bachelor (Will Ferrell) whose seven sisters and mom try to force him to get married, prompting him to ask a friend’s sister to leave him at the altar so that everyone will leave him alone.

Let me guess: He inadvertently falls in love with the friend’s sister.

So, yeah, this sounds like it could be a pretty stupid comedy to stack up on top of all the other pretty stupid comedies Ferrell's been making of late. But is it completely hopeless? We won't really know until we see a trailer, or at the very least a few stills from the movie.

One way or another, with Ferrell attached you can be guaranteed at least a few guilty laughs and a few memorable scenes even if the rest of the movie tanks.

But when is Ferrell going to start doing projects out of his safety zone? When is he going to start pushing himself to do what he used to do all the time -- namely, the unexpected?

No one can answer these questions except the man himself. Until then, we'll just have to sit tight and see how this thing turns out.

Source: Kristian Dowling/Getty Images