Flip Facts: Polygamist House

September 6, 2012
The House

Fortunately this house was already in a great family neighborhood, the biggest issue with the property was everything in it felt extremely cheap. We decided to improve on major selling points that are often times overlooked and capitalize on creating the most epic of family home.

The Kitchen

One of the biggest secrets to rehab is the ability look past purely cosmetic issues that are inexpensive to resolve. The kitchen is normally the pinnacle selling feature in any property; in this case the kitchen was more of a distraction than a selling point because it screamed CHEAP.

The novice would have looked at the kitchen cabinets and thought "replace" instead of refinish. The magic in updating old cabinets is a product called bead board which is basically a sheet of thin particle board that can be found at any home improvement store. Bead board is cut and inserted in between the front molding of a cabinet. Bright white paint and nickel colored knobs (jewelry) are then added to transform dated cabinets into bright contemporary cabinets.

When it is comes to going the extra mile in updating a kitchen we have three words...granite, granite, granite. When we first started buying and selling property we realized that the expense of granite is surpassed by the margins of profit and overall appeal to a potential buyer, this principle goes for bathrooms as well.

Finally we added Wood Floor Warehouse's dark flooring to cover the existing vinyl. We chose a darker color to contrast the white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, the end result being a completely new and eye catching kitchen.

The Basement

Basements have been historically known as a gathering place for the family, a hangout, or just a retreat where the kids can play. This house was cluttered with addition cubby hole bedrooms that not only created an eye sore but a potential hazard. By simply removing the makeshift partitions, patching the outer walls, and adding new carpet, we turned this barracks into a family recreation suite. In addition, just north of this family suite we added the ultimate child's play room complete with write on chalkboard paint.

The Yard

Sticking with the family theme, the yard was just as important as any part of the house. Aside from the obvious neglect, the yard needed additional highlights to entice the fence sitters to join the buyer category. We started by utilizing the patio just outside the living room door. We brought in a spacious stone fireplace that was sure to differentiate this property from any others on the market. As a final dealmaker we constructed the perfect playhouse and placed it in the corner of the yard complete with a white picket fence.

Flip It Tip:

Cosmetic repairs are by far the easiest and usually least expensive issues to fix when buying or selling a property. Concentrate your rehab dollars on the kitchen, master bathroom, and living room. Preselect your paint colors and carpet, this will save time and money. Pay attention to simple upgrades like switching out gold door knobs and light fixtures for nickel or silver, it will make a huge difference when it comes time to sell.

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