Totally Creepy Pole Dancing Doll Hits the Market

September 4, 2009

If your little sister or daughter wants to grow up and be a stripper, a toy company has created the perfect doll for them.

The new doll, imaginatively named the “Pole Dancer,” has hit toy stores and is causing controversy. The doll was purportedly inspired by Miley Cyrus' recent pole dancing routine at the Teen Choice Awards. Predictably, parents are outraged.

The dancing doll comes complete with its own pole and soundtrack. The doll begins dancing when the music is turned on and goes “up and down” and “round and round.” This particular doll does not remove its clothes...yet. I’m sure some crafty, lecherous toy maker is working on that version right now.

Good luck trying to buy this special gift for your kid in the United Kingdom. Over the pond the toy has already been banned and removed from store shelves.



Source: New York Daily News