Mantenna - Tuesday, May 25

May 25, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson gets a huge payday, Tom Cruise has daddy issues, and U2 pulls out of the Glastonbury festival...the Mantenna is on a highway to hell!

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Kendra’s Huge Payday

The Kendra Wilkinson sex tape goes on sale tomorrow, one week early, and already it’s predicted to be the highest selling celebrity sex tape of all time. According to Vivid Entertainment, who is releasing the film, pre-orders for the tape are the highest in the history of the company. Steven Hirsch of Vivid told RadarOnline, “Kendra has a huge fanbase, and we've been literally besieged with requests to release this movie sooner rather than later.” Kendra has reportedly made bank from the sex tape, cashing a secret paycheck for a whopping $680,000. She’ll also earn 50 percent of all sales.  Kendra reportedly tried to have the tape barred from being released. Now she’s crying all the way to the bank. [Radar]

Tom Cruise’s Daddy Issues

Tom Cruise is on the cover of the June/July issue of Esquire magazine, which has been dubbed the “How to Be a Man” issue. In an interview with the magazine the actor opens up about the strained relationship he had with his father. He reveals that his father had little to do with raising him and they were estranged for some 10 years. He says, “I remember looking at my dad and wanting to understand him. I didn't want to just write the guy off. He was lost. I can't speak specifically in terms of why and how he got to where he was — that was his journey. All I can tell you is, he was overwhelmed by life... My mother basically did all the work, and then they got separated and I didn't see him for a long time. He didn't try to help the family financially or spiritually, and I lived with the effects of the chaos.” Cruise forgave his absentee father on his deathbed, shortly after Risky Business came out. Cruise said “He knew that he'd blown it. There was deep regret. I think he was torturing himself. We tend to do that. All I could do was tell him, 'Look, it's okay.' I wasn't going to live in blame and regret.” Cruise says he relishes being a father to his three children. [Equire]

U2 Pulls Out of Glastonbury

U2 has been forced to withdraw from its headline slot at the Glastonbury festival in the U.K., following medical advice for Bono. He will be out of action for at least eight weeks. U2 was set to headline their first-ever Glastonbury festival on June 25th. Bono apparently called Glastonbury organizer Michael Eavis to say that, as a result of the serious back injury sustained by the singer last week, the band would not be able to play the festival. "I'm heartbroken," said Bono in a statement. "We really wanted to be there to do something really special - we even wrote a song especially for the festival." [Guardian]

Mindy McCready Hospitalized For Possible OD

Source: Frederick Breedon/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Mindy McCready has been hospitalized in Florida after suffering a suspected drug overdose. According to reports, the singer was found passed out at her mother Gayle's home in North Fort Myers, Florida this morning. Paramedics were called to the property and transported her to Cape Coral Hospital. Sources are also saying that McCready had taken a muscle relaxer and the painkiller Darvocet. [TMZ]

Canada Trying to Become World's Fattest Nation

Clearly offended by America's ethnocentric claims of obesity dominance, the lard enthusiasts of Canada have decided to fatten themselves up with the first annual (fully sanctioned) poutine eating contest. Poutine (a Canadian delicacy of french fries, cheese curds and gravy) is extremely fattening and usually served piping hot. The gentlemen who won the event by consuming 13 pounds of it not only received a $750 grand prize, but also gets to have his first heart attack free of charge thanks to Universal Healthcare. Score one for our neighbors to the north. [Toronto]

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