TRAVEL 2 - Jim Colyer

November 21, 2009
Rocky Mountain National Park is northwest of Denver. I-25 runs north and south through town. It runs down to Colorado Springs. Pikes peak is west of Colorado Springs. A railway takes tourists to the top. The U.S. Mint is in Denver. This is where they make coins. We need reservations for the tour. Denver's financial district, known as the Wall Street of the West, is an attraction. Denver is called the Mile High City because it is 5,280 feet above sea level.

Michael and I will head to Atlanta when he sits for the CFP exam. It is not easy. Hopefully, they will prepare him well, and he will get the CFP designation. Kaplan Financial was founded in the UK in 1958. Its operating center in Atlanta is at 3565 Piedmont Road, NE. Building 4, Suite 100. Atlanta is the corporate headquarters of SunTrust Bank. SunTrust was founded in 1811 and has 1,700 branches in the southeast. Jim Wells is president and CEO. Assets total $190 billion.

80% of the population lives on Oaahu in or near Honolulu. I climbed Diamond Head Crater. I stayed away from the active volcanoes because I do not like looking at fire, even on TV. Pearl Harbor got its name because it is the harbor for the town called Pearl. Pineapples are a chief export.

Driving from Nashville to St. Louis, we take I-24 north. We get on 57 north, then I-64 west. Springfield is the capital of Illinois, not Chicago. The Sears Tower in Chicago is the tallest building in North America. Chicago sits on Lake Michigan.

I-70 comes out of Kansas City and heads for Denver as the Great Plains rise toward the Rocky Mountains. Kansas City, Kansas, is a satellite city of Kansas City, Missouri. Farms dominate the plains. Corn and wheat are grown. Grains are stored in tall silos. Topeka is the capital.

The Kentucky Derby is the attraction in Louisville. The Derby is run the first Saturday in May, and Michael and I plan on being in the stands on May 1, 2009. We will buy tickets online. We will get there Thursday night so we can go to Long Run Golf Course. I want Michael to play 9 holes where I played in the 60s. Bardstown Road is the hippie section of Louisville, and I have met there with songwriters for several years.

Michigan consists of the Upper Peninsula and the Lower Peninsula. I never quite understood why Detroit is called Renaissance City. Motor City fits better. Detroit is the traditional home of the American automobile industry. Henry Ford popularized the assembly line with his Model T. Some famous rock musicians came from Michigan: Del Shannon, Bob Seger and Ted Nugent.

We enter Missouri at St. Louis on I-70 and leave it at Kansas City. St. Louis' Gateway Arch is a National Monument. From the top of the Arch, we look down on the Mississippi River. Kauffman Stadium is the home of the Kansas City Royals. It is located at One Royal Way, Kansas City, Missouri. I think we can see it from I-70. The Yankees play there, August 12, 13, 14 & 15, 2010.

Michael sold me an annuity from New York Life. Freedom Tower is being built where the Towers stood. It will be 1,776 feet high. If and when we do business on Wall Street, I am sure we will make it to Yankee Stadium again. It is about the future.

Michael and I are talking about bringing in the year 2011 in Las Vegas. He knows Garth Brooks' keyboard player and may get us tickets for Garth's concert at Wynn Vegas on January 1, 2011. Garth signed a five-year deal with Steve Wynn. I told Michael we may go out to Death Valley. He was curious about it.

Mt. Rushmore is the attraction. It is in the Black Hills. Four presidents' heads are carved into the mountain: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Badlands National Park is nearby.

Nashville was known as the Athens of the South before it became Music City. The Parthenon in Centennial Park is a full-scale replica of the temple devoted to Athena. Lower Broadway and Music Row are home to honky tonks and country music. I do karaoke at BuckWild Saloon on Second Avenue. I lived in Wilson County east of Nashville. Michael lives in Williamson County to the south. I-65 south takes me to Brentwood, Franklin and Cool Springs. Nissan trucks are built in Tennessee.