Science Says You Are Ruining Your Married Friend's Sex Life

August 9, 2011

Nobody likes being the third wheel, especially when the "third wheel" in a relationship is ruining the more physical aspects of their lives. Now it turns out that even if you haven't secretly set up video recording equipment in their bedroom and sold the tapes on the Internet, you still may be interfering with their sex life.

A new study from Cornell University and the University of Chicago suggests that women who have closer friendships with their husband's friends might cause abnormalities in the husband's sex lives.

The study shows that wives who have more contact with a husband's friends create a "partner betweenness" in this three-way relationship. Roughly a third of men experience this relationship wedge and 92 percent of those men are likely to suffer from some kind of erectile dysfunction.

The frequency of the contact causes an unintentional lack of masculinity in the male's psyche that leads to other medical conditions because they feel a lack of control over their relationship with their significant other. The closeness between the wife and the friend also subconsciously cuts off an arena for advice for the husband to go to since he feels the privacy between him and his wife have been compromised. In other words, it's every housewife porno you've ever seen minus the impotence.

Photo: Clarissa Leahy/Digital Vision/Getty Images