British Women Say the Darndest Things About Contraception

September 8, 2009

A new study conducted by a British healthcare company shows that British women have no clue when it comes to contraception and believe common household food items can act as an alternative barrier method.

According to the BBC, the survey of 1,000 women age 18 to 50 found that one in five British women believe that “bread, plastic wrap and chicken skin” can be used as an effective form of contraceptives. WTF?!?! The survey also found that some women think “kebabs, Coca-cola or potato chips” could be used as oral contraceptives. Double WTF?!?!?

Ancient methods of contraception, such as using crocodile excrement or beeswax after intercourse, have long existed. However these strange methods existed before the pill was invented. Now there are no excuses for wacky voodoo medicine. Yet some British women on birth control aren’t even sure how it works. Apparently one in 10 women thinks that it “takes a number of years to regain fertility after discontinuation of the pill.” It’s no wonder Britain has one of the highest unintended birthrates in the world. More worrisome is that some women actually believe that the pill could protect them against HIV.

Thank God for the Revolutionary War!

Source: Image Source/Getty Images