TI brings" LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBSTREAMING" coverage to SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge

January 11, 2010

Laughlin Desert Challenge



TI brings" LIVE INTERACTIVE WEBSTREAMING" coverage to SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge!
TrackingInternational.com to host all the racing action for Laughlin and the entire SCORE 2010 season!

January 9, 2010 – Cypress, California - Tracking International - Tracking for Land, Sea and Air Events

Tracking International (TI) in conjunction with International Racing Consultants (IRC) has just completed an agreement with SCORE INTERNATIONAL to be its "Exclusive" LIVE MEDIA portal for 2010 bringing all the action to Off Road Racing fans world wide. TI has partnered with BFGoodrich Tires ,the Nation of GO and SCORE International to bring "Live" racing action to the Internet like never before.

Whether it be the rough and rugged deserts of Nevada or deep into the wilds of BAJA race fans will now have "LIVE" viewing access to each event hosted by the world famous racing organization beginning with the Laughlin Desert Challenge Jan 15-17 in Laughlin, Nevada.

Live Schedule
• Friday - Laughlin Leap - 6pm
• Saturday & Sunday - Race Action from 7am to 5pm

Pay Per View Event
• $2.99 for 3 Days of Off-Road Race Action
• 20% of all Proceeds Donated to the Competition Purse

Log On for a chance to WIN: Registration starts Monday Evening
• One Year Free membership to All Off-Road Events
• $500.00 Gift Certificate for RB Components Products.
• One Free Lease for an IriTrack from IRC to use at any 2010 SCORE event.

TrackingInternational.com will be hosting "LIVE" race coverage along with in-depth team focus features and fan fare from start to finish including Friday nights infamous Laughlin Leap festivities. With 9 cameras on the course all connected via high speed satellite and simulcast on the giant public JUMBO TRON fans will be able to watch all the action like never before. Fans at the event will see the exact same live feed broadcast as the thousands watching on the Internet. "We're really excited to bring this level of coverage and capability to the off road race fans worldwide stated Raymond Barre’ of TI. We've invested heavily in brand new top level equipment from cameras, satellites, software and personnel all new from the ground up for 2010. We know this is the NEXT GENERATION of the fan experience and we plan on delivering exactly that!

" LIVE" in your face racing and commentary just as if you were there at the track witnessing it with your own eyes"

From its inception in 2007 Trackinginternatonal.com has dedicated itself to embracing cutting edge technology fresh from the developers in an effort to raise the bar of the ultimate fan experience. "We've only just begun" states Raymond. "We're very close to offering so many more amazing features it's mind boggling. Fully harnessing the Internet technology and capabilities is our objective 24/7. To say the least it keeps us very busy but we love it and so do the race fans". TI has set a course in 2010 that will keep it on the move with sport fans world wide opening up Amateur Motocross, Hare and Hound, Surfing, Fishing and Auto Racing broadcasts from across North America.

The TI Strategy:
• Increase Event promoter, Racer and Sponsor exposure.
• Improve and enhance the fans experience with live and archived replay of selected events.
• Promote racing and sporting venues in the United States and Mexico.
• Engage and Increase the general public and dedicated sponsor involvement.
• Assist racers by creating an affordable avenue to promote their teams and sponsors.

Interactive Website Features:
• Streaming Audio/Video
• In-Car Cameras (coming soon)!
• Live Satellite Tracking
• Live Play by Play Announcing
• Media Gallery (photos and video)
• Forum - Chat Interface
• Team Focus Promo Page

The TrackingInternational.com experience is a complete multimedia experience bringing fans an interactive experience like never before with "live chat" racer forums, both fan based and professional photo galleries and a host of activities to engage the viewer in a truly personalized experience. Be sure to catch all the Action beginning Friday night at 6PM for the Laughlin Leap followed by Saturdays Racing action beginning at 7 AM and finally Sundays Final beginning at 7 AM. Got a question? Want an interview? Send it over we'll do what we can, that's what this is all about!

NOW is the time and this is the opportunity to knock it out of the park to compliment your ongoing marketing campaign! Be seen by the people who make the decisions and influence your marketplace Tracking International - Tracking for Land, Sea and Air Events

For advertising info contact the following:
Scott Bridges - Scott@trackinginternational.com - 818.331.8857
Raymond Barre’ – rbarre@trackinginternational.com – 714.699.4385



1/2-1600 - 6 Laps
5-1600 - 6 Laps
SptBug - 6 Laps
9 - 4 Laps
11 - 3 Laps

8 - 6 Laps
PT - 6 Laps
6 - 6 Laps
7 - 6 Laps
7SX - 5 Laps
SF - 5 Laps
SM - 5 Laps
3 - 5 Laps

SptTrk - 5 Laps
GROUP 3 - 11:00AM START:
10 - 7 Laps
Lites - 7 Laps
5 - 7 Laps
Trophy Truck - 8 Laps

Class 1 Unlimited - 8 Laps