Monster Blog: In the Enemy's Corner

by Monster_Abyss   May 13, 2009 at 4:14PM  |  Views: 47

Hello again everyone, it's your favorite monster, Abyss, coming to you from the lobby of my next therapy session with Dr. Stevie. I am sitting here in his lobby drinking a can of my favorite drink, Monster Energy Drink.  Wow!  Dr. Stevie's office is really nice. He has statues and paintings hanging all over the place. Not to mention, his secretary is kinda cute too.  Ohhhh, sorry I shouldn't be having impure thoughts when I already have the best girl in the world, Lauren.Speaking of Lauren, our relationship has hit a bit of a snag recently.  I mean everything is okay with us, but I think the stress of what has been going on lately is starting to effect both of us.  You see, Lauren's best friend is Taylor Wilde of the TNA Knockout division.  Well, Dr. Stevie spoke with executive shareholder Mick Foley last week and was able to secure the first-ever woman's Monsters Ball match at the Sacrifice pay-per-view. Here's where the problem comes in.  You see, Dr. Stevie wants ME to not only train Dafney on how to win this match, but he wants ME to actually be in her corner that night!  That's not sitting too well with my girlfriend Lauren because she doesn't want to see her best friend Taylor Wilde get hurt in this match. As a matter of fact, Lauren has made me promise that I'll make sure nothing happens to Taylor.  Do you see the quandary I am in at this point??  Why is Dr. Stevie doing this to me? He has always been such a good therapist and now all of a sudden, he seems to be a controlling and demanding person.  What do I do??  I don't want to let Lauren or Dr. Stevie down. 
Speaking of letting people down, how about Manny Ramirez of the L.A. Dodgers? Dr. Stevie says that he cheated and that is not good.  I saw that the Dodgers opened their own section of seats for Manny called Mannywood.  Are they going to refund all those tickets??? Hey I've got a good idea.  Why don't the Dodgers change the name of Mannywood to Abysswood??  They can even show iMPACT! this Thursday live on Spike TV on the jumbo screens in the stadium. Wow, that would be awesome.

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