Celticjaguar vs Maori

January 22, 2011

The Maori, the vicious New Zealand warriors who leave a legacy as the worst warrior on DW


Celticjaguar,one of the youngest and underrated blog writer of SPIKE.




Close range

Mere club vs Dual Rockband Rod Clubs

The mere is better at killing,but the rods are longer and lighter.

Taiaha vs Shovel

Both are really good in their own hands,but the Taiaha can slash and club,while the shovel can only slash and stab.

Poi vs Daisy BB Gun

No explanation needed.Fruit vs a gun.

Stingray Spear vs Kukri

The spear is a one-shot weapon,but it probably can`t penetrate my armor.


Celtic was just looking around his room.He noticed a strange person in his backyard.A Maori.Startled that he was there,he greabbed his BB gun and Kukri.He charged out,and got hit with poi.He grimaced,and shot.The maori roared in anger and threw more poi.Celtic blocked with his plastic shield,and shot again.The maori drew his Taiaha and smashed.The shield  was destroyed.Shocked,Celtic slashed with his kukri.The maori dropped his Taiaha in response to being cut badly.Celtic drew his rods,and battled the mere.The mere,being made of jade,broke the rods.Celtic drew his shovel and slashed at him.The Maori,cut and injured,fell to the ground.Celtic said `Hasta la Vista` before decapitating the maori.


Rods 85

Shovel 148

BB Gun 215

Kukri 189


Mere 65

Taiaha 201

Poi 3

Spear 23