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Flip Facts: The Stench

by TheFlipMen   August 27, 2012 at 5:00PM  |  Views: 5,787
Exterior Before:

The exterior of a home can be a good indicator as to what you will find once you are inside. This home didn't pass the smell test. However, the low starting bid on this property considering the potential profit made the purchase an acceptable risk. The outside of the home has a dark and dingy appearance. The ugly chain link fence and railroad ties ruin curb appeal. Additionally, the roof was in disrepair and needed to be replaced.

The backyard was also a mess. Very big lot that featured a completely dilapidated cracked out shed. This size of a lot can be both a blessing and a curse; the trick is to make the space usable and functional.

Exterior After:

The chain link fence and railroad ties were removed, making the home look open and inviting. Replacing the roof increases the curb appeal and is always a strong selling point to a potential buyer. The siding was painted an elephant grey with a white trim. Finally, when looking to enhance your overall curb appeal never underestimate the power of a little bark, sod and shrubs. These simple additions really clean up the yard and improve the property's appeal.

In the back yard, the shed was torn down and a two car garage was added to the property. The addition of the garage greatly increases the appeal of this property; the flip was completed by adding more functional space to the backyard by fencing off the garden area. A garden can be viewed as a piece of dirt but with a simple, decorative sign that says "garden" the space is transformed from a patch of dirt into a garden in the mind of a buyer.

Interior Before:

The strong odor of fecal matter and cat urine had saturated every surface. The ureic acid in the cat urine crystalizes, any contact with moisture, humidity, etc. reactivates the horrible smell. This kind of stench would scare away any potential buyer.

Interior After:

Removing the horrific odor from the home was the top priority. This was a monumental undertaking on this renovation. All the sheetrock, insulation, and subflooring had to be removed. Then the studs needed to be bleached, and painted to eliminate the odor in the home. Once the stench and filth was gone, the renovation could begin.

Kitchen Before:

The other design issue with this kitchen is that the city required stairwell to the basement. In addition to a redesign, everything in the kitchen needed to be replaced.

Kitchen After:

The kitchen was redesigned to accommodate the stairwell; this took up about 40 square feet so the design had to make workable space given the smaller design. The cabinets were replaced; we went with light and simple colors in the kitchen.

New Cashmere White granite countertops compliment the cabinets and white subway tile backsplash. Black appliances were added and a new wood floor was installed from the Wood Floor Warehouse.

Bathroom Before:

The number one problem was actually the number two problem on this bathroom. The design was adequate but everything needed to be replaced.

Bathroom After:

Out with the poo and in with a new vanity, toilet, and tub surround. The white walls and some added lighting really brighten the room. The staging is what really finishes off the room nicely with some added color. The right staging can make or break the deal in the eyes of a buyer.

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