All the Cool Athletes are Leaving Their Pregnant Wives for NBC Interns

April 7, 2010

What do you do when your loving wife of over a decade is eight months pregnant with twins? If you’re Tiki Barber, you divorce the ol' ball and chain immediately in order to begin publically dating the 23-year-old intern you’ve been cheating on her with. (Like a champ!)

The former New York Giants superstar told reporters that after a long and clearly successful marriage with interpretive definitions of the word “faithful,” he and his wife have “amicably” separated in order to pursue other passions.

For Barber, these passions apparently involve romancing college students and making awkward appearances on The Today Show.

But wait; before we judge him, Barber (who has a spotless reputation in most circles) didn't cheat on his wife before the split, right?

Sadly, no.

Last year, while his wife was three months pregnant, Barber took the young (and admittedly hot) intern to Senegal for a little romantic adultery.

While on vacation, she was able to convince him that the honorable thing to do would be to wait five months (you know, when his wife is eight months pregnant and feeling horrible about her appearance), and then publicly leave her for a more attractive (and less pregnant) woman.

Tiki Barber, ladies and gentlemen… Nothing but class.

Photo: Peter Kramer/Gettey Images Entertainment/Getty Images