Kandy Masquerade Tickets

February 25, 2010

Know what happens when you’re at a party and no one knows who you are? When you are anonymous?  When say, your face is covered by a mask?

What would you do, as a red-blooded American guy?   No one will be able to identify you.

Know what I’d do?  I would do things I’m normally too shy to do.  I’d be more nasty and a more daring.  I’d say things to the girls that would turn them on.  I’d talk dirty to them.  Get them dying to know what I look like.  I might offer them a peak under my mask.  Or I might peak under theirs.  I could do whatever I want, because I am anonimous.

Because I am going to the Kandy Masquerade Party at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday, February 27th.  Masks are required for everybody.  The guys have to wear dark clothes, but the girls are gonna be in lingerie only.  How cool does that sound?

I got my Kandy Masquerade tickets, I got my mask, and I’m ready to go be anonymous.