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The Top 20 Best Natural Breasts in the World

by girls   September 05, 2008 at 4:43PM  |  Views: 2,737,520

Breasts are amazing. They come it all shapes and sizes. They can do tricks. They are fun to look at / stare at / play with and you can even use them to open a beer. In a world where fake breasts are rampant there is something amazing and refreshing about incredible natural breasts. Here we honor those ladies who haven't been cut up and implanted and are on record saying they are 100% natural.

10. Eva Mendes

eva mendes

Eva Mendes have been showing off her rack of late. She appeared topless this year in Vogue Italy and caused controversy in a commercial for a Calvin Klein perfume that was deemed "too hot for television" and subsequently banned. Catch the commercial below.

Eva Mendes Banned Nipple Slip Commercial
Tags: Eva Mendes Banned Nipple Slip Commercial

9. Sara Jean Underwood

sara jean underwood

Sara Jean Underwood was last year's Playmate of the Year and is soon to star in Spike's new digital series "Ask a Playmate." The petite 24-year-old with a 32B bust was born and raised in Oregon and has the distinction of being both a Playboy Playmate and being all natural…a rare and impressive feat

Sara Jean Underwood Photo Shoot
Tags: Sara Jean Underwood Photo Shoot

8. Monica Bellucci

monica bellucci

Monica Bellucci is incredibly sexy. The Italian movie star has flawless milky white skin and bosoms to match. In 2004 she appeared naked on the cover of Italy's Vanity Fair whilst pregnant to protest against Italian laws that prevented the use of donor sperms. She has appeared topless in many films and is probably best known as a topless vampire in Bram Stocker's Dracula.BTW – I put Uranus on her breasts. (now say that out a loud)

Monica Bellucci Bra Commercial
Tags: Monica Bellucci Bra Commercial

7. Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a voluptuous woman best known for her "stolen" sex tape and appearing in her own reality show. Her breasts are as big as her backside, which is a good thing as they help balance her out. In 2007 she posed for Playboy and, more recently, she wrestled Carmen Electra in Disaster Film, her first film role.

6. Scarlett Johansson


scarlette johansson

Scarlett Johannson has amazing breasts. The 23-year-old actor, singer and political activist does not believe in monogamy – which doesn't bode well for impending marriage to Ryan Reynolds. Scarlett is also a cheese freak, saying it's her main vice. This may help explain her wonderful milk jugs

Scarlett Johansson Shows some Side Boob
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